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IRIS Capture Practice

Classroom Recording

Adopt multiple viewpoints and audio sources using our Starter Kit, Discovery Kit, or your own devices with the IRIS Connect Record app, ensuring encrypted recording and uploading into your fully-secure and private account on our cloud-based platform.

Lesson Analysis

See your classroom from a new perspective and deconstruct the lesson to gain objective, deep classroom insights through powerful reflection supported by custom rubrics and AI-powered* observations at the click of a button.

*currently in beta-testing

Video Sharing

You’re in control of your recorded lessons at all times. You can choose to reflect on your own or share them with selected colleagues and administrators at the click of a button. The seamless editing functions allow you to share only the moments that matter, giving you complete control over what is shared and when.

Teacher Collaboration

Teacher Collaboration

Overcome timetabling constraints and cover expenses by providing contextualised feedback when and where it suits you, using time-linked text, audio and video comments.

Utilise Groups to create a safe space online to share videos, add custom content, and collaborate in departments, on a particular subject, or as a whole school.

Development Pathways

Progress through structured learning pathways that provide teachers with step-by-step guidance on specific areas of pedagogy through guided reflection, collaboration or instructional coaching.

With each pathway automatically recording progress, teachers can pick up where they left off and receive a lasting record of skill development over time.

Progress Tracking

Progress Tracking

Senior leaders or admins can stay up-to-date with their teacher’s progress using a simple dashboard that shows important steps on their individual journeys, allowing leaders to provide additional support where and when it’s needed.


Adapt our learning resources to your needs or create your own pathways and shared resources specifically for your organization.

Running a large-scale project and need further customization of the platform? Tell us about your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Customisable Pathways

Safeguarding & Security

We take safeguarding and security seriously. All classroom videos are encrypted and automatically uploaded to the teacher’s private and secure account in our fully GDPR compliant platform, ready to reflect on or share at a later date.

By default, only the teacher who uploaded a recording has access to it unless they decide to share a video at their own discretion. Ensuring full control and privacy for every user.

Discovery Kit 8

Classroom video recording devices

Discovery Kit + Discovery Kit Go Live

The Discovery Kit’s combination of dual view technology and high-quality audio recording ensures you capture every interaction in your classroom. Our ‘Go Live’ feature offers a flexible solution for observing lessons remotely. It allows you to conduct live coaching sessions from anywhere with a wifi connection; making feedback immediate and effective. Ask us for more information.

Designed with busy teachers in mind, each camera is simple to set up, easy to use and light to transport between classrooms; taking the hassle out of lesson recording.

“In the past academic year we’ve had 515 lessons recorded across our academies and those were viewed 5,062 times by our staff. From a Trust perspective, IRIS Connect is a fantastic tool for not only capturing our most effective practice but most importantly, spreading it.”

– Sonya Lanckham, Strategic Leader for Teaching and Learning at Windsor Academy Trust

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. From the moment we welcome you into the IRIS Connect community, you are assigned a dedicated education consultant who will work closely with you to align your development priorities, plan for a successful roll-out of IRIS Connect in your school and together ensure you get the results you want to get. Should you require technical support, you’ll find guidance and answers to the most common questions in our Support Hub or simply contact our outstanding support team via phone, live chat or email. Find out more about support here and consultancy here.

Yes, provided you are adherent to your organisation’s policies, have taken into account any safeguarding concerns and meet the appropriate GDPR requirements. The following resources will assist you with your GDPR requirements for recording:
1) Select and document your lawful basis
2) Update your privacy notice
3) Complete a DPIA
Using IRIS Connect ensures the data you collect is captured, stored and shared securely meeting the GDPR requirements for the data, whilst enabling you to achieve the highest level of professional development through the use of the features, guides and analytical tools available on our system.

This depends.

  1. Does your organisation’s policy allow the use of personal devices? If they are not approved, you can either purchase an IRIS Connect Starter or Discovery Kit, or use shared school devices. Our consultants are happy to discuss your requirements with you and suggest a solution that meets your needs.

  2. Regardless of the device you’re using, you must always make sure you have installed and use the IRIS Connect Record app. Our app is designed to securely capture, encrypt and upload recordings directly to your account, then automatically remove the file once uploaded. This means data is never stored or viewed locally which can be a security risk. The app is also designed to manage the uploading of large files over the internet and offers a range of features such as pairing for capturing two views and anonymisation mode if you need to avoid capturing personal data when recording.

We pride ourselves on providing cost effective professional development that has real impact. Our packages have helped many of our schools cut their CPD budgets drastically, with some able to achieve just under 50% savings from their previous CPD packages.

We have bespoke packages available for all of our customers, from primary and secondary schools to ITT and training providers. Please complete this form to get a personalised quote for your school or organisation.

Simply fill in the form above and we’ll happily take the time to answer any questions you may have.

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