Powerfully simple lesson recording technology

When it comes to improving outcomes we understand how important it is to look at both the teaching and the learning.
That’s why our cutting-edge technology captures audio and video from pupils as well as teachers, giving you powerful insight into the classroom.

iris connect classroom video technology app


Designed with busy teachers in mind, each camera is simple to set up, use and transport; taking the hassle out of lesson recording.

iris connect video security


We take safeguarding and security seriously. All classroom videos are automatically uploaded directly to your private account in the IRIS Connect platform, ready to reflect on or share later.

iris connect powerful platform


When coupled with our professional learning platform, our classroom video recording systems give you everything you need for life-long professional learning.


The IRIS Connect Discovery Kit: Easily record classroom lessons

The Discovery Kit’s combination of dual view technology and new high-quality audio recording ensures you capture every interaction in your classroom.

“In the past academic year we’ve had 515 lessons recorded across our academies and those were viewed 5,062 times by our staff. From a Trust perspective, IRIS Connect is a fantastic tool for not only capturing our most effective practice but most importantly, spreading it.”

Sonya Lanckham, Strategic Leader for Teaching and Learning at Windsor Academy Trust

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Flexible kit that can be set-up quickly in any room
iOS app that records two views via paired devices
Sophisticated iPod microphones ensure both teacher and learners can be clearly heard
Tags can be created via the teacher’s microphone, saving memorable moments for review later
• All video and audio streams are automatically synced and uploaded to your private account on the IRIS Connect platform

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Setting up the Discovery Kit is quicker than making a cup of tea! Watch the video…can you beat the 54 second challenge?


Discovery Kit Go Live: Provide instructional live coaching over distance

The Discovery Kit Go Live offers a flexible solution for observing lessons remotely. It allows you to conduct live coaching sessions from anywhere with a wifi connection; making feedback immediate and effective.

“I’ve found the in-ear coaching facility absolutely enlightening. It’s allowed me to make changes to my lessons instantly and have a real impact on learning.”

Kate Reed, History Teacher

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The upgraded iOS app means you can schedule live observations through the Discovery Kit
A coach can provide immediate feedback remotely via the teacher’s ear-piece
Time-stamped comments can be added to the video in real-time
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IRIS Connect Remote: Improve online lessons

IRIS Connect Remote brings together remote teaching tools such as screen capture and student groups, to ensure that whatever platform your teachers are using, they can still capture their practice, reflect, share and collaborate.

“This project has been an extraordinary distance learning experience. Because of the way that I use IRIS Connect in the UK, I had total belief in it to support effective self-reflection and collaboration. My South African colleagues were hugely enthusiastic about IRIS Connect and its ability to support our ongoing distance learning project”

Daniel Simons from Trewirgie Junior School

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Integrated screen capture tools to capture annotated “how to” videos and share them with all staff
Integrated video conferencing to enable teachers to connect with each other to collaborate
Student Groups where video content can quickly and easily be published to learners from your Learning Management System.
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