New: AI-assisted Instructional Coaching & Reflection

Lesson Observations

Get lesson feedback within seconds

1. Record your lesson

Save time/money on lesson cover and see your classroom from a new perspective without relying on memory or the availability of colleagues.

2. Get AI lesson feedback

At the click of a button AI Insights will analyse your lesson based on your selected development focus and highlight areas to explore further.

3. Share the recorded lesson

Easily share the recorded lesson with a peer or coach for further discussion, using time-linked comments for contextualised feedback.

Ready-made AI Insights on IRIS Connect

Browse a few examples of our ready-made AI Insights available on the IRIS Connect platform below or get in touch for a demonstration of all Insights available.

Questioning AI Insight

Questioning Assistant

Improve your questioning with this AI Insight which provides a timestamped breakdown of your lesson’s questions, with a reflection summary and suggestions of particular questioning techniques to consider based on the analysis.

Rosenshine's Principles

Receive tailored feedback from the perspective of Rosenshine’s 10 Principles of Instruction, which provides an analysis of scaffolding, independent practice and student understanding, for example.

Key Moments

Highlight 3 key timestamped moments in your lesson with recommendations, reflection questions to provide deeper thinking, and a guide to support further learning.

Custom AI Insights for your context

AI Early Access Programme

To experiment with more advanced features of AI Insights, you can join our AI Early Access Programme where you can:

✔️ Create custom rubrics for automated lesson analysis tailored to your specific domain/context

Development Service

Get in touch to discuss your requirements for custom AI Insights.

“It can feel intimidating to ask for feedback from a colleague in an area where you feel vulnerable. Using AI tools to help analyse your own lessons totally removes this fear and allows you to focus purely on the feedback, rather than how you are being perceived.”

– Jess Hunter, Assistant Head, Rosebery School

The world's most advanced PD facilitation system

Instructional Coaching

Both coach and coachee can collaborate in a private space online, following adaptive pathways to share feedback, model practice and refine teaching techniques.

Through the combination of video + AI, many administrative processes are automated so coaches can focus their valuable time on in-depth, targeted support rather than on time-consuming paperwork.

Self-reflection on IRIS Connect


Utilise video technology and AI to get instant feedback and recommendations on your teaching practice at the click of a button.

Streamline your professional development process by following adaptive pathways for self-improvement. Spend less time wondering what to develop, and more time developing.

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