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Transformative classroom video system and lesson observation software

Create better learning opportunities out of lesson observations

“We use IRIS Connect for non-judgemental lesson observation.

There are 9 reviewers on the team reviewing over 100 teachers. If we were to get cover in every time we wanted to see a lesson or a part of a lesson then the cost would be prohibitive.”

– Desiree Hall, Teacher and Coach, West Hills STEM Academy

Make lesson observations quicker, easier and more impactful

Empower teachers in your school and fuel a culture based on trust with more effective and developmental lesson observations to rapidly improve teaching and learning. Our video platform lets you contextualise feedback and encourage professional dialogue for a more meaningful, collaborative approach to CPD.

maximise time and money

Maximise time and money

Recorded lessons can easily be shared, so you can review them at a suitable time through our platform; overcoming timetable constraints and the hassle and cost of arranging lesson cover.

Observe Lessons

Make lesson observations more meaningful

Focus on teaching and learning by using our lesson capture, analysis and feedback tools to identify areas for development, recognise strengths and agree actions for improvement.

Non-intrusive, remote observations

Make the natural classroom environment visible and take the pressure out of observations. Use our Go Live feature to observe live lessons remotely and provide enhanced feedback through in-ear coaching.

How it works

Capture your teaching with the IRIS Connect ‘Record’ app, available on Apple and Android.

Upload automatically to your secure, private account.

View your lesson privately and at your convenience, from a fresh viewpoint.

Share with peers and coaches, who can add time-stamped comments at their convenience.

Progress through personalised reflective, coaching or collaborative pathways tailored to individual teacher needs.

Share real teaching, build libraries of good practice and improve teaching and learning school-wide.


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