WalkThrus & IRIS Connect are now partners!

Exciting News:
WalkThrus on IRIS Connect!

WalkThrus are now seamlessly integrated into the IRIS Connect experience. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us and promises to enrich your professional development journey.

"By combining IRIS Connect with Teacher WalkThrus, we’ve created a synergy between the two which form the cornerstones to our approach to PD. It has provided colleagues at every level within the school with this shared language and understanding of ways to improve teaching, and given teachers the power to do that through quality instructional coaching."

- Matt Maynes, Assistant Head of School at Lapal Primary School

WalkThrus and IRIS Connect Partnership


IRIS Connect

Exclusive Discounts

We can switch on the WalkThrus feature at no extra cost

Can buy the system with a 15% discount from both organisations

More Information

To find out more about WalkThrus, please visit walkthrus.co.uk