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Here to support and guide you every step of the way

Introducing the IRIS Connect technology into your organisation

We understand the challenges that come with introducing new technology into schools and universities and more importantly, implementing it into the busy workloads of your staff. That’s why for us it doesn’t end with signing a contract and delivering our product; we’re here to support and guide you every step of the way.


Join the IRIS Connect community and meet your own Dedicated PD Consultant

From the moment we welcome you into the IRIS Connect community, you are assigned a dedicated PD consultant who will schedule an initial consultation and will work closely with you to ensure you get the best results. 

IRIS Connect Consultancy - Meet your consultant
PD Survey


We evaluate your current teacher PD provision and IRIS Connect readiness

IRIS Connect has developed a needs assessment tool to evaluate teacher professional development, informed by the Groups and Mechanisms identified in the EEF guidance for what makes PD effective. It enables school leaders to get a holistic view of their PD by surveying staff on their learning experiences and thereby identify gaps and opportunities to improve. It also sets the baseline for monitoring progress and evaluating the impact of the intervention.

If you’re not an IRIS Connect customer but would like to better understand your school’s current PD provision and measure ongoing development, register your interest here and your regional consultant will be in touch shortly.


Work together to build an implementation plan designed around your school's needs and goals

We align your development priorities and together develop a plan for the successful onboarding and roll-out of video-enabled professional development. We implement a logic model which measures your short term, intermediate and long term outcomes. 

IRIS Connect PD Consultancy - Development Plan
PD Consultancy - Onboarding Staff


Conduct onboarding sessions for your staff

Teachers are at the heart of creating an open and reflective teaching culture. Not only do you need to be comfortable with the use of new technology but also to have a clear understanding of its benefits for your PD and to set SMART goals, which helps with overcoming any initial hurdles around recording and seeing yourself on video for the first time.


Receive tailored training and regular check-ins to discuss progress and ongoing support

Once you manage to switch your focus from the teacher to the teaching, and from the learner to the learning that’s happening in the classroom, the real magic happens. We organise online training sessions and workshops for all your staff, as well as termly progress meetings and specifically tailored Film Clubs (reflective and collaborative CPD sessions).

Ongoing Support and Training to Staff
"Our consultant was not only warm and friendly, but also knowledgeable about pedagogy, and experienced in the classroom. I think this is what sets IRIS Connect apart from many others.”
- Jamie Portman, Assistant Head, Darton College
“I can’t praise the support we’ve had from IRIS Connect over the past three years highly enough. There’s no question about whether we’ll renew or not.”
– John Bannister, Network Manager, St John Bosco Arts College
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