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The Staffroom Title Box

Meet our team of friendly experts

Graphic Design Aimee Herbert

Aimee Herbert


Aimee spends most of her time making sure everyone’s ideas and concepts look fantastic. If she’s not busy worrying about people using the correct blue hex code, she loves writing songs in DADF#AD tuning.

Support Technician & Junior Network Manager Albert Zagajewski

Albert Zagajewski

Support Technician & Junior Network Manager

On top of his support duties, Albert looks after the onboarding for Initial Teacher Training programmes, assists with maintaining CRM automation and internal IT.

Anna Kosiacki Implementation and Success Consultant

Anna Kosiacki

Implementation and Success Consultant

After 6 years in teaching, Anna joined us to make a difference to professional development. She connects with teachers every day and helps them make the most out of our amazing platform! She also loves to bring her dog to work.

Managing Director Andy Newell

Andrew Newell

Managing Director

Andy is the founder of IRIS Connect and has worked globally on effective teacher development ever since. He is passionate about bridging the gap between what the research shows about effective PD and the practical delivery of impactful learning interactions.

Staff - Coco


Lunch Monitor

Staff - Christophe Mullings

Christophe Mullings


Christophe oversees our growing customer base in Australia and New Zealand. An experienced educator and leader, he has worked with education organisations around the world managing teacher development projects and developing blended video-based programmes.

Chris Depper

Support Team

Also known as Deps, he has been with IRIS Connect on-and-off since 2014. He works remotely from Portugal, and can often be found lurking around customer support chat sessions. He likes Clangers!

Claire Launder

Telesales Consultant

Claire is very experienced in customer service, and loves connecting teachers and schools to a product she loves!


Director of Paper Shredding

Staff - Emma Stevens

Emma Stevens

Telesales Manager

Emma has worked for IRIS Connect since 2015, starting out as a telesales consultant and now managing the team. She loves connecting schools with our education consultants and platform.

Enya from IRIS Connect

Enya Bradner

Customer Support Specialist

Enya oversees support and administrative work for US operations. She loves to help people and optimize processes.

Staff - Graham Newell

Graham Newell


Graham believes education to be one of the most honourable professions in the world. Having worked in every education sector and level himself, his passion is the individual child. Especially those marginalised by the system.

Staff - Haili Hughes

Haili Hughes

Director of Education

With 16 years teaching experience and her current university role in ITE delivering the ECF and NPQs, Haili has a thorough understanding of the golden thread of teacher development. She reads research voraciously, writes educational books & delivers key notes worldwide.

Haley Staffroom Image

Haley Egan

Education & Research Sales Consultant

Haley is part of the IRIS team in the US and oversees Education and Research sales.

Janine Basson

Senior Telesales Consultant

‘Such great people’. Having been part of the IRIS Connect family for over 10 years, Janine clearly loves her team and connecting schools with a product she considers ‘briliant’.

Jo Grievson

Sales Consultant

Jo is an experienced sales consultant with a background in sales, recruitment, and training. Passionate about helping people enhance their skills and well-being. As a parent, Jo sees the impact of educators on children and feels that everyone deserves the best training. She is excited to be a part of IRIS Connect’s growth and its role in shaping the future of education.

Staff - Judit Ruckes

Judit Ruckes

Marketing Executive

Judit works across all of our marketing channels and can’t stop viewing the opening rates in real-time after sending out an email campaign. She also loves anything to do with web design and art.

Kieron Etherington

Cloud Infrastucture Manager

As someones who’s been around since 2015, Kieron knows the technical side of IRIS Connect inside out, whether that’s internal or customer facing. If there’s a problem – he probably knows how to fix it.

Kirstie Hale

Support & CRM

Kirstie has been helping IRIS Connect customers with their general/technical queries since 2014. She enjoys the challenge of logical thinking to solve complex tasks and regularly uses her coding skills to overcome challenges.

Staff - Louie Saunders

Louie Saunders

Junior Digital Marketer

Having Spent 3+ years with the Support Team, Louie transitioned to the Marketing Team in early 2023. Louie is passionate about all things Techy. He’s also a huge Film Buff.

Staff - Marek Tresek

Marek Tresek

Support Team Manager

As well as helping with general and technical customer queries, Marek overlooks the day to day running of the Support Team and helps with any escalated queries and ITT programme management.

Staff - Matthew Newell

Matthew Newell

Technical Director

Matt is a founding Director of IRIS Connect. His key focus is blending input from our customers, partners and the world of educational research into a technology roadmap that delivers impactful, world leading solutions.

Michelle Darragh

Telesales Consultant

Michelle is based in Ireland and works closely with Irish schools looking to join IRIS Connect. She loves talking to schools about how the platform can help them to grow and develop with their peer colleagues. She hopes to see IRIS Connect widely used in Ireland.

Nathan Brown

Senior Digital Marketer

Nathan is a lover of all things digital – with a techy background, he has worked in IT, graphic design and digital marketing. Having spent 8 years of his work life in school, he is still trying to get out of the habit of splitting his days into periods.

Pablo Martinez

Software Developer

Pablo works as mobile software developer, maintaining and developing new features for our mobile applications as well as work with QA to design, plan, and automate functional and performance testing.

Paul Dale

Telesales Consultant

Paul is a dedicated consultant with a strong customer service background. He loves the daily connection with schools to help them to achieve their educational goals.

Staff - Rico Patzer

Rico Patzer

Head of Marketing

Rico is a creative marketing strategist who loves to question, create and innovate. Leading our marketing department, he doesn’t take ‘…because that’s how we’ve always done it’ as an excuse.

Rita Smith-Champlain

Implementation and Success Consultant

Rita is working closely with our schools to facilitate effective professional development. She loves encouraging growth and forming relationships.



Staff - Shawn Edmondson

Shawn Edmondson

Research & Evaluation Director & CEO of IRIS Connect US

Shawn oversees how we measure the impact we have on teaching and learning and manages our US operation. Since his doctoral dissertation on video coaching in 2006, he’s been obsessed with helping teachers to be their best.

Simeon Drage

Head of Operations

Sim is another IRIS Connect dinosaur. Having been with the company since 2011, he’s often found sticking his nose into hunting out better components for the recording kits, assisting with app improvments or writing user guides for our Support Hub.

Staff - Steph Chapman

Steph Chapman

Telesales Consultant

Steph is a very experienced customer service representative. She loves the friendly, family atmosphere within the company and enjoys connecting teachers to a product she loves!

Staff - Stephen Leslie

Stephen Leslie

Production Manager

Stephen is our supply chain wizard, managing the production of our kits. He’s lining up and keeping an eye on all things hardware across the globe from the comfort of our Brighton office.

Staff - Steve Clapp

Steve Clapp

Finance Director and HR Admin

Steve is a full time Director who started his journey at IRIS Connect as an Angel Investor back in 2010.

Ted Baynham

Implementation and Success Consultant

After years of teaching abroad in Finland, Ted completed his PGCE in Brighton and went on to teach SEND pupils for several years. Now joining IRIS Connect, he wants to continue making a difference in the professional development of schools. He loves connecting schools with our education consultants and platform.


Vesna Belogaska

Business Development Director

Vesna leads the company’s overall development strategy, commercial partnerships and collaborative educational projects. Since its creation in 2008, she has contributed to the growth of the company from a start-up to an international brand.

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