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A coach who can be in multiple classrooms at the same time without actually being there; A NQT who’s getting instantaneous feedback on his lesson; A teacher who can reflect on and share her teaching practice with a peer group she feels safe in and students who have made measurable progress through the teachers’ use of IRIS Connect.

These are just a few of the great examples of how schools effectively use IRIS Connect to improve their teaching and have a real impact on outcomes.

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Record, reflect, collaborate and share practice

how IRIS Connect works

IRIS Connect is a video-based professional learning platform. It enables teachers to record themselves during a lesson and upload the video securely into their personal, password protected account on our cloud-based platform. From there they can reflect on their teaching, analyse their practice, add time-stamped comments, edit their videos and – only if they want to – share with colleagues or leaders for feedback. They also get access to valuable resources created for teachers, by teachers. Significantly increasing their teaching quality and their pupil learning outcomes. Visible progress for every teacher and every learner.

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Using IRIS Connect has cut our CPD budget in half, enabling us to unleash the collective capacity of our teachers

Helena Bryant, Assistant Head, St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School

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