New: AI-assisted Instructional Coaching & Reflection

AI-assisted Instructional Coaching & Reflection

Spend your limited time focusing on what truly matters

Teachers get actionable lesson feedback within seconds

Coaches focus their valuable time on in-depth, targeted support

Leaders provide personalised PD despite capacity limits

Streamline learning with the world’s
most advanced PD facilitation system

Start an adaptive Pathway

Using the IRIS Connect app, easily record your lessons with any Apple or Android device which automatically uploads to your private account on our secure and fully GDPR compliant platform. Discover the benefits of video-enabled lesson observation, capturing the full spectrum of classroom interactions.

Privacy by design:
With IRIS Connect, you’re always in control of your recording. No one can see or analyse your lesson video unless you decide to give them permission.

Record a lesson

With just a click, our AI Insights will review your entire lesson using the latest theories and research on key instructional strategies like questioning, dialogue, scaffolding, and more. It will highlight moments of interest to enhance coaching conversations and target reflection.

By using these key moments as a starting point, you no longer need to review the entire lesson or rely only on partial observations. Instead, you can immediately focus on the identified development areas and easily revisit their context on video to build situational awareness.

Custom AI Insights:
As part of our AI Early Access Programme you even have the opportunity to create custom AI Insights for your organisation if you’d like to analyse lessons through a particular lens (e.g. specific ECF standards, Rosenshine’s principles etc.). Please speak to us if you’d like to explore this further.

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Based on the generated lesson insights, you can now select a development area to focus on, record your findings, and collaborate with your coach in one central place online. This creates a lasting record of skill development over time. In-person, why not record your coaching session and use the Meeting Summary AI Insight to summarise and create action steps going forward – no more note taking!

Did you know?
With IRIS Connect, you can have meaningful dialogue even with a busy schedule. Use time-linked text, audio, and video comments and share resources at your convenience.

Reflect and discuss

Save time and hassle by selecting relevant mini guides, WalkThrus, and user-created content to embed directly into your personalised pathway. Simply hit ‘next’ and quickly learn about the most important teaching theories and skills in just a few minutes.

Custom resources:
We know schools often have their own shared language and resources. Speak to us if you’d like to adjust any of the existing content to your needs or bring your own resources into the platform.

Learn about theory and skills

Now you can apply what you’ve learnt in your lesson, recording your practice for review and refinement. With each lesson, you’ll integrate these strategies until they become second nature.

Top tip: live coaching
For further support, enable the live coaching feature to utilise the expertise of a coach and refine your practice in real-time – without interrupting the lesson.

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Customise it. Track progress.

To be able to offer extra help where and when it’s needed, leaders and coaches can stay informed of their teachers’ progress via a simple dashboard, showing important steps on their individual pathways.

We can also help you create custom learning experiences, develop your very own AI Insights and streamline your school’s own processes, development objectives and PD activities.

Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable consultants to talk about your PD needs and start planning your implementation together.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

AI Insights is a new feature from IRIS Connect that uses artificial intelligence to analyse recorded lessons, providing teachers with immediate, actionable feedback to enhance professional development. AI Insights offers feedback on various aspects of teaching, such as classroom management, instructional techniques, and student engagement. The feedback is designed to be non-judgemental, practical and assist with effective reflection and coaching.

Pathways guide teachers step-by-step through their development journey on the IRIS Connect platform, giving them access to the right tools and resources at the right step in the process, in one central place. It includes prompts and pointers from all of the four EEF categories for effective PD: building knowledge, 
motivating staff, developing techniques, and embedding practice.

Pathways are adaptive and can be tailored to the individual teacher’s needs, embedding e.g. AI Insights and WalkThrus to further support a reflective or coaching journey.

AI Insights reviews your entire lesson and highlights areas of interest to inform targeted reflection and coaching. Within seconds you’ll know where cognitive load may have been particularly high or where a learning experience could be further enhanced to  reinforce correct understanding.

With AI Insights you’ll spend less time wondering what to improve and more time improving.

At IRIS Connect, we prioritise the security and privacy of your personal data. Our AI Insights feature operates within IRIS Connect’s robust and secure framework, consistently upholding stringent data protection standards.

Our sub-processors are selected with the same care and consideration, ensuring your data is kept safe and secure. We constantly review our procedural, organisational, and physical security to ensure that we are offering a service that our customers can trust. We have completed multiple external audits, gap analysis, and penetration testing of our services to ensure that we meet industry best practices and comply with the GDPR.

No, AI Insights is designed to complement the work of human coaches and mentors by providing initial feedback and recommendations. It allows coaches and mentors to focus on more nuanced and complex aspects of professional development.

We have bespoke packages available for all of our customers, from primary and secondary schools to ITT and training providers. Please complete this form to get a personalised quote for your school or organisation.