Effective teacher reflection

Improve teaching and learning with teacher reflection

There is one quality above all others that makes a good teacher – the ability to reflect on what, why and how they do things and to adapt and develop their excellence in teaching. Reflection is a core component of effective professional development (PD) and key to becoming a skilled teacher.

But teacher reflection is not just essential for teachers. According to research by Prof. John Hattie, developing excellence in teaching has the single most powerful influence on student achievement. So investing in effective teacher reflection is important in helping your students, teachers and school to thrive.


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“If you are anything like me, you’ve spent years putting reflection on the back seat. Other things seemed more important. But, when I finally gave reflection the respect it was due and made it a daily practice, things changed in my own life, and in my classroom for my students. 

A.J Juliani

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