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Our network of regional and international strategic partners use their local knowledge and educational expertise to support the community and ensure impact in every organisation using IRIS Connect.

We also collaborate with a number of education partners that echo our ethos and who we believe can add value to our community.  Find out how our partnerships can benefit you and your organisation.

Who’s your regional partner? Find out below

Education Partners

Chartered College of Teaching

The Chartered College of Teaching support teachers to work with the latest evidence and research in the most effective and informed way possible, to provide the best education for young people now, and in the future.

As part of their CTeach and Accelerate programmes, which offers an accredited career-long professional development pathway,  the Chartered College are using IRIS Connect’s market-leading system to support participants to capture and reflect upon authentic videos of the learning in their classrooms.


The Council of British International Schools is a growing association of more than 450 member schools around the globe.

IRIS Connect is a proud supporting member of their network.

 Whole Education

Whole Education is a partnership of like-minded schools, organisations and individuals that believe that all young people should have a fully rounded education; developing the knowledge, skills and qualities needed to help them thrive in life and work.

The Whole Education network brings together individuals, schools and organisations to provide a capacity building network enabling member schools, at whatever stage of their journey, to provide young people with a ‘whole education’. Through the network, schools can learn from one another, share best practice, develop support systems, develop future practice and ultimately enrich the learning experiences of their young people.



IRIS Connect is proud to be a part of the MirandaNet Fellowship. Established in 1992, the Fellowship is an international professional organisation of policy-makers, educators, developers and researchers who collaborate in exchanging ideas and support as well as publishing research studies, case studies and reports aimed at improving the use of innovative digital technologies in classrooms and in professional learning communities.

The MirandaNet Fellowship is a truly international organisation with members in 80 countries who have committed to sharing their experience and expertise in educational innovation using digital technologies, by publishing new professional knowledge in this fast-moving field. IRIS Connect is one of the very few commercial companies who has been admitted as Associates of the Fellowship and can demonstrate how we, as a company, are committed to supporting evidence-based change and innovation both within our company and in the broader educational community.

Regional Partners

Regional Partner for London

Equis Consulting Strategic Partner

Equis Consulting is our strategic partner for the London region. Eddie Gardner, the Director of Equis Consulting, is a former secondary senior leader and has a wealth of consultancy experience supporting schools to improve teaching and learning. He regards IRIS Connect as the missing link between the good transfer of skills and sustained, applied improvement in the classroom.

“Any sustainable capacity build requires the collaborative tools that create a culture in which skills, ideas, routines, information and effective practice can be easily recorded, stored and exchanged. This content needs to be categorised and made available securely for use internally or across communities of schools. IRIS Connect does all that and more.”

Regional Partner for the South West and Wales

Impact Matters work closely with schools and colleges in the South West and Wales to help maximize the effectiveness of teaching and learning through innovative technology. Having worked with one of the UK’s largest specialist AV distributors, Director Matt Richardson specialises in innovative products and understands the strategic and consultative support needed for schools looking to deploy and embed new technology.

“Experiential learning is something I have been fortunate to undertake, both professionally and in my sporting life, and it has been invaluable. Working with a coach or colleague to help improve my skill set was incredibly powerful though it seems, due to a strain on resources, it has previously been difficult to implement in Education. However, the practicality of IRIS Connect provides schools with a simple and effective way to facilitate professional development. It is rare to get the chance to work with a product that is truly “innovative” but the impact IRIS Connect is having on teaching and learning is incredibly powerful and I am delighted to be one of their approved partners.”

Impact Matters MTM

Regional Partner for the North of England

Smartmove Interactive Learning is a proud and long established partner of IRIS Connect. They are based in Yorkshire and specialise in supporting schools with CPD training, ICT support and technology solutions. Smartmove and IRIS Connect share the same goal: to improve and excel in teacher education.

Smartmove began training teachers in the use of innovative ICT over 12 years ago and have developed a reputation for delivering high quality, knowledgeable and practical development sessions.

“The impact of IRIS Connect on the schools we work with has been amazing. Allowing schools’ to take control of their own CPD to utilise the outstanding teaching and learning that happens every day as a collaborative learning tool. IRIS Connect works with all schools at whatever stage. What is always refreshing for us is the reaction of teachers once they realise that it’s so much more than videoing the teacher!”

Mike Brennan, Director

iris connect strategic partners Smartmove Interactive

International Partners

VIA University College

As the largest provider of education in Denmark, VIA University College continuously works towards maximizing the effectiveness of teaching and learning in all of our educational settings at the University College as well as in the frame-setting of the continuous professional development and consultations that takes place directly in practice.

In Denmark a lot of changes in educational settings happens right now and we want to support the professionals in practice as much as we can. IRIS Connect provides a fantastic opportunity for the professionals to enhance their possibility to reflect on, share and develop practice collaboratively.

In our teacher trainee education in VIA we already have years of experiences as users of IRIS Connect and the results of the research connected to it speak for itself. It makes a difference in the students’ ability to reflect on their own practice and thereby in their learning.

So, entering a partnership with IRIS Connect is a way of working towards offering the best possible education for all of our students (taking our own educations to an even higher level) at the same time as IRIS Connect provides a system that empowers professionals in their own settings, with a strong ethical brand which can take the continuing professional development a step further.

Karina Rhiger

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At DO-IT we believe that teachers are the future of education and it’s our job to make sure that they are supported in the best way possible. IRIS Connect is the perfect example of how we can support teachers to reach their absolute best. By implementing continuous professional development into the school culture, we see the quality of learning and teaching improve. That’s why we are proud to work with a platform such as IRIS Connect.

DO-IT was founded in 1994 and has since been a supplier of educational products and solutions in The Netherlands and Belgium. DO-IT started as a specialist in hardware such as beamers and touchscreens and soon expanded with other educational products like their own digital learning methods, STEAM-products, IT-solutions and IRIS Connect.

For more information on how you can work with IRIS Connect in the Netherlands, click here to view our website.

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saxionlogoSaxion University of Applied Sciences

Improving the quality of teaching and learning is one of the main goals of the Academy of Education at Saxion University of Applied Sciences and one of the topics of our research at the Centre of Innovation and Effectiveness.

We believe that the partnership between Saxion and IRIS Connect fits in perfectly with our ideas of a continuing professional education model and it gives us an additional opportunity to improve the quality of education, both within and beyond Saxion.

Saxion has a broad network of partner schools in the Netherlands and is the centre of expertise for Dalton education in the country.

Saxion will have a leading role in implementing the IRIS Connect concept in the Netherlands.

Saxion will provide support and training for school teams via its Professionalization Office in the areas of reflection, coaching and strengthening the social capital of schools.

Together with IRIS Connect, we will ensure the effective continuing professional development of teachers on the basis of trust and cooperation.

Cognition Education

Cognition Education is a leading global provider of professional learning, education consultancy and teacher recruitment. They have expanded their operations to more than 26 countries, working with 2000+ clients and have engaged 2 million learners worldwide. They have delivered some of the largest educational transformational projects in the world. The team-work across public, private and not-for-profit sectors, helping clients ignite a passion for learning and create a lasting impact for learners of all ages.

Cognition Education has exclusive distribution rights of IRIS Connect’s video professional development platform throughout New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific islands.

To find out more about our services in the South Pacific, click here

European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab

Created by European Schoolnet (EUN), the Future Classroom Lab (FCL) is an inspirational learning environment in Brussels, Belgium, where IRIS Connect is proud to be an industry partner and contributor to the development of the vision for the school of the future.Future Classrooms Lab

European Schoolnet is an international non-profit organisation, set-up by 30 Ministries of Education to support collaboration between schools in
Europe and to stimulate the take-up of new technologies in education. It aims to bring innovation in teaching and learning to the key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers, researchers and industry partners.

The Future Classroom Lab challenges visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology and design
in their classrooms.European Schoolnet

Through six learning zones, visitors can explore the essential elements in delivering 21st-century learning: students’ and teachers’ skills and roles, learning styles, learning environment design, current and emerging technology and societal trends affecting education.

Workshops, strategic seminars and other projects dedicated to teachers’ professional development are being run on a continual basis, using the Future Classroom Lab to identify, analyse and mainstream the best innovative practices in education, and equipping teachers with the necessary skills to develop their teaching practice. IRIS Connect was part of the inspiring Creative Classrooms Lab (CCL) project and we are delighted at our ongoing collaboration with FCL and EUN.

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strategic partners IRIS ConnectJAMK

Find out more about JAMK by visiting the website –

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international partners IRIS ConnectEdConnective

Using IRIS Connect, EdConnective provides instructional coaching for teachers when administrators don’t have the time or staff to provide as much feedback to teachers as they’d like.
They call upon a pool of master educators from across the United States to reach teachers in any classroom, anywhere.
Just imagine giving your teachers access to what they need to grow, when they need it, at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time coaching staff.
Utilising IRIS Connect’s market leading professional development platform, EdConnective is able to deliver cutting edge teacher coaching in areas such as classroom management, lesson planning and student engagement.

Find out more about EdConnective by visiting their website
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