New: AI-assisted Instructional Coaching & Reflection

Teacher Reflection

Transform classroom practice through powerful teacher reflection

Inspire and motivate teachers in your school to make meaningful changes to their practice with a more personalised, focused and powerful approach to self-reflection through video.

maximise time and money

Empower teachers

Our sophisticated yet simple video technology allows teachers to record their practice for private review when it suits them, offering the opportunity to see their lessons from a whole new perspective. With tools such as time-stamped comments and editing, they can pinpoint areas of their teaching that worked well, and focus on what they’d like to improve on.

understand learner behaviours

Understand learner behaviours

Reflecting on teaching means understanding learners better. Teachers using our video technology to record lessons gain a perspective into learner behaviours that would otherwise be invisible. This new insight will enable them to refine their teaching to better support the needs of their pupils.

share and collaborate

Share and collaborate

Develop your collaborative culture and share practice. Teachers may quickly edit and share clips of lessons to model teaching strategies or receive support from others over distance. Professional dialogue over distance is enhanced with peers or coaches, by using time-stamped comments, discussion forums and our built-in video conferencing tool.

“IRIS Connect is a tool that should be used in all schools as a standard method for self-evaluation and improvement.
It has had a greater impact on my own practice than any other appraisals in my 16 years of teaching. Thank you.”


Julie Turner, Deputy Head at The HollinsTechnology College

Enable your teachers to become more reflective practitioners: