Multi-Academy Trusts

Meaningful sharing and collaboration in and across trusts

Imagine if all the teachers within your trust could record, edit and share examples of effective teaching practice at a click of a button.
Over 300 multi-academy trusts (of all shapes and sizes) use our video-based platform and app to access effective, high-impact, evidence-led professional development opportunities, helping to tackle the challenges of scalability and teacher collaboration.

sahre and collaborate

Improve the quality of teacher collaboration

Enable teachers to capture and edit classroom video clips to share within and between schools at the click of a button.

maximise time and money
Cut the cost of travel and lesson cover

Connect subject experts to share over distance, enhance joint practice development across schools and optimise your SLE’s time by enabling remote coaching and observation… all without the cost of travel or lesson cover.

Access curate and share valuable content

Make expertise accessible

Go beyond one-day workshops by creating, curating, and disseminating on-demand teaching and learning resources for all teachers within your multi-academy trust.

empower teachers

Create a shared vision for teaching and learning

Develop a sustained culture of professional learning across your multi-academy trust by giving teachers access to every professional development opportunity they need to develop, refine and share effective teaching and learning strategies.

“In the past academic year we’ve had 515 lessons recorded across our academies and those were viewed 5,062 times by our staff.
From a trust perspective, IRIS Connect is a fantastic tool for not only capturing our most effective practice, but most importantly, spreading it.”


Sonya Lanckham, Strategic Leader for Teaching and Learning, Windsor Academy Trust

Enable better collaboration in and across your trust: