Coaching & Mentoring

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Coaching and mentoring is vital when developing teachers but it can be difficult to implement successfully. Our video coaching tools enable you to enhance and enrich coaching in your school with a more dynamic and efficient approach that enables you to overcome the challenges associated with traditional methods.

more coaching in less time

Provide more coaching in less time

By utilising video, teachers can record, edit and share lessons with their coach at the click of a button; overcoming timetable constraints and saving on lesson cover.

give contextualised feedback

Give contextualised feedback

As a coach, you can use time-stamped comments to provide richer, more objective feedback. Generate professional dialogue by allowing teachers to self-assess and respond to feedback via the platform.

in depth lesson analysis

In depth lesson analysis

By creating and customising analytical tools, you can collect data to measure the impact of teaching and learning strategies using counters, timers, multiple choice or rating scale questions.

coach live for immediate impact

Coach live for immediate impact

To support teachers, use our live coaching tools to provide real-time, in-ear coaching during lessons to accelerate teacher development.

“With IRIS Connect’s coaching tool, the progress our NQTs have made and the improvement to the quality of their teaching has been extraordinary.”


Germaine McKinnon, Assistant Headteacher and Lead Coach, Braunstone Frith Primary School

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