New: AI-assisted Instructional Coaching & Reflection

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Teacher Coaching and Collaboration with IRIS Connect

Guiding teachers’ implementation of new techniques and strategies in low risk environments

Working together to develop Expert Teaching

IRIS Connect removes any logistic issues to enable simple and effective teacher coaching and is proven by research to have a significant impact on student and teacher achievement.

more coaching in less time

Provide more coaching in less time

By utilising video, teachers can record, edit and share lessons with their coach at the click of a button; overcoming timetable constraints and saving on lesson cover.

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Give contextualised feedback

As a coach, you can use time-stamped comments to provide richer, more objective feedback. Generate professional dialogue by allowing teachers to self-assess and respond to feedback via the platform.

In depth lesson analysis

By creating and customising analytical tools, you can collect data to measure the impact of teaching and learning strategies using counters, timers, multiple choice or rating scale questions.

coach lifve for immediate impact

Coach live for immediate impact

To support teachers, use our live coaching tools to provide real-time, in-ear coaching during lessons to accelerate teacher development.

Self Coaching

Using a research backed method of continuous reflection, implementation and review cycle

Using IRIS Connect to self coach allows you to reflect on your own performance and see your teaching through the eyes of a student or observer.

Just like professional athletes and surgeons who use video to refine their skills, you can use video to identify areas of improvement and implement new ideas in the classroom.

Peer Coaching

Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of your colleagues

Peer coaching has been proven to be more powerful in terms of transfer of training than all other training components.

IRIS Connect makes it easy to crop and share short clips with colleagues to get time-stamped, valuable feedback to collaboratively improve your practice.

Working together with school-based coaches through the platform alleviates the need for lesson cover saving time and money.

External Coaching

Discuss, experiment and accelerate your development in a safe environment

To increase the coaching capacity in your school or to provide the opportunity to co-generate ideas with a 3rd party partner, you can connect with external instructional coaches directly through IRIS Connect.

All available coaches have been thoroughly vetted and are highly qualified experts.

Please let us know if you’re interested in booking external coaching, or if you’re a coach yourself and would like to collaborate, get in touch here.

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Did you know?  

Video-based Teacher Coaching Improves Student Achievement by an equivalent 2+ of months worth of learning per year as per as new evidence by one of the the largest experimental studies in education.

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