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Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

ITAP, mentor training, trainee video observations and feedback in one platform

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ITAP - Supporting Features

Expert Input

Expert Input

Use our pre-existing videos of experts and high quality theory content or use our platform and technology to clone, adapt or create your own.

Observations of examples

Observations of examples

Use our pre-existing bank of video examples or create your own library.



Use our video tools such as time linked comments and video comments to deconstruct the active ingredients. Use our collective deconstruction tools to hold mini film clubs.

Opportunities for practice

Opportunities for practice

Use our approximations, followed by out of context rehearsal to film and share with mentors or coaches. Practise in context for adaptive expertise, film it and share for feedback.

Expert feedback

Expert Feedback

Provide feedback which links to the expert input using time linked comments or video comments.


Use all of these features separately, or pull them together in a structured Pathway to guide your teachers and mentors through a step-by-step ITAP sequence, allowing them to:

  • work through the right step at the right time
  • pick up where they left off
  • track progress
  •  create a lasting record of skill development over time
IRIS Connect Pathway image

Video Observations

Placements in school can be intense and sometimes, it seems there is less flexibility to respond to student teachers’ needs. With IRIS Connect, your trainee can record their practice and share it with their mentor at the click of a button, enabling lesson observations, independent of time and location. On placements, multiple people need to observe lessons and mentor meetings. With IRIS Connect, this is as simple as a trainee teacher pressing a button to share their lesson video.


Watch recorded lessons together with your trainee and provide contextualised feedback in person. Alternatively, you can easily overcome the challenges of time and distance using time-stamped comments to annotate the video.

Having granular feedback, which is rooted in concrete classroom actions, really helps bridge the gap between research and practice and creates true purposeful integration between initial teacher training providers and their partner schools.

Contextualised Feedback

Online Mentor
Training & QA

Create and deliver a mentoring curriculum online. Build training groups on IRIS Connect filled with evidence and research, practical teaching strategies and videos of model practice or mentoring strategies. Effectively quality assure Lead Mentors and formatively assess mentors, any time, anywhere. 

You can build your own mentoring approach using our Pathways, or use one of our pre-defined Pathways, which help to create a consistent mentoring approach across your partnership. The ability to track completion and engagement on a dashboard is also useful for Lead Mentors to quality assure their allocated mentors.

“The most significant gain is not only saving 20-40 traveling days per teacher educator but more importantly, it is the feedback received from the student teachers. Those who have used IRIS Connect have reported that the recordings and reflections are significant tools for supporting their professional development.”

– Teacher Educator, School of Professional Teacher Education at JAMK University of Applied Sciences

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£45/student per year*


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£149/student per year compared to conventional supervision**


IRIS Connect has paid for itself
AND reduced your carbon footprint by up to 526.7kg of CO2 emissions**

*Free mentor licenses included
**Exemplary calculation for 100 students and cars being the chosen mode of transport for school visits. Results may vary on a case by case basis on a variety of factors.

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