Your objective is improved learning outcomes, not ‘implementing’ IRIS Connect

Our unique implementation support programme will help you get the most out of our system so that you can focus on delivering the outcomes you need.

Expect high quality support as standard:

1. Technical installation

Our support team will make sure your IRIS Connect system is up and running quickly and are on hand if you have any technical questions.

2. Customer success consultations

Your dedicated customer success consultant will guide you through the early stages of adopting IRIS Connect and will help you achieve your objectives in the long run.

3. Whole school workshop

Setting the right tone and environment for video-based professional learning is key to ongoing success. The interactive workshop will help your staff to become comfortable with the use of video for professional learning, familiar with the IRIS Connect tools and excited to get started.

4. IRIS Connect Film Club

We recommend running an IRIS Connect Film Club as one of the first things you do. This will help you to:
iris connect film club logo

  • Get teachers talking about teaching
  • Create a strong professional learning culture
  • Promote collaborative professional learning
  • Get comfortable using video for professional learning

We supply you with the video clips, resources and questions; you get together to watch, discuss and learn.


“We really enjoyed our first #IRISFilmClub #theempiretalksback. #ProfessionalDevelopment at its best.”

– Barnes Farm Junior School

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“Our consultant was not only warm and friendly, but also knowledgeable about pedagogy, and experienced in the classroom. I think this is what sets IRIS Connect apart from many others.” 
Jamie Portman, Assistant Head, Darton College