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IRIS Connect Film Club: FREE CPD programme

Film Club Empire Strikes Back

Film Club Episode 1: The Empire Talks Back

Explore dialogic pedagogy in the first episode of Film Club, a ready-made professional learning programme that helps you develop self-regulating, independent learners.

Film Club - O Learner, Where Art Thou

Film Club Episode 2: O Learner Where Art Thou?

The second episode in our Film Club programme looks at questioning and the different ways it can be used to initiate thinking, discussion and problem solving.

Film Club Episode 3: Look Who’s Talking Too

Explore learner talk, collective thinking and problem solving to develop pupil talk in the third episode of our Film Club professional learning programme.

Film Club Episode 4: Feedback to the Future

In this episode of our Film Club professional learning programme we delve into developing pupil group talk and feedback within the content of classroom dialogue.

Film Club - A Beautiful Mindset

Film Club Episode 5: A Beautiful Mindset

To what extent do growth mindsets impact on learning? Investigate this and more in the fifth episode of our Film Club professional learning programme.

Independence Day

Film Club Episode 6: Independence Day

Get the tools to create your very own Film Clubs with this easy, ready-made Group template. Create lasting professional development in your school around topics of your choice.

Featured Groups: FREE CPD resources

Lesson Study UK

Lesson Study

Get detailed guidance on how to use Lesson Study to collaboratively refine teaching and learning. Created by Dr Pete Dudley, the UK’s lesson study expert.

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Video CPD Toolkit

Access recommendations and tools to help you successfully use video to empower teachers in lesson observation and accelerate teacher development.

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Child Bereavement UK

Bereavement Support

Get information and resources that will help to ensure you and your school can meet the needs of grieving families and their children.

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Action Research

The guidance you need to set up, run and evaluate action research cycles. Plus how to get colleagues on board.

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Barlogik by Study Smart

Maths Hub

Access materials to allow you to introduce bar models as a strategy to help students understand and interpret worded mathematical questions.

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Developing a Coaching Culture

Get proven strategies and systems for building a coaching culture within your school using IRIS Connect.

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Strategies for differentiation

Learn how to differentiate effectively without spending hours slaving over multiple worksheets.

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Setting-up in-house CPD projects

Discover resources, activities and tutorials to help you achieve impact through high-quality easily produced in-house CPD projects.

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College of Speaking

Speak your way to better outcomes

Whatever problems you encounter in your profession, find out how you can think and speak your way to better professional outcomes.

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Kellie Goodman

Engaging Children in Holistic Science Learning

Learn how you can use limited science resources to engage your students in real-world scientific thinking and practice.

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Tim Mat

Lead a Self-Improving Department

Make your vision of a self-improving department become a reality, by building the capacity of individuals through honest evaluation, effective improvement planning and change leadership strategies.

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Ambitious Maths Teaching

Ambitious Maths Teaching

Work collaboratively with other teachers, leaders, and coaches to learn maths instructional activities. Observe the videos as models, then have a go yourself. Each video is annotated by researchers from the University of Washington.

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Non-Verbal Group

Non-Verbal Behaviour Control

Develop a system of non-verbal signs that you and your colleagues can use across the school to help support challenging behaviour.

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Octavo Maths

Supporting Mathematical Reasoning

Discuss the importance of mathematical reasoning, paying particular attention to creating opportunities for reasoning, mathematical fluency, effective questioning, and quality pupil talk. Each video is supported by reflection points, discussion questions and a follow-up task to help you put theory into practice.

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IRIS Lead Certified

IRIS Lead Certified

We know that so many IRIS Leads are doing fantastic things, so we have built this accreditation group to recognise and celebrate the inspiring efforts of IRIS Leaders and teachers across our community.

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Subscription Groups

Access expertise at a fraction of the cost

Behaviour John Bayley

Behaviour Management

Proven tools and techniques from John Bayley that will help you develop effective behaviour management skills.

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Mike Fleetham

Video Coaching & Mentoring

Materials, resources and training video clips that will help you become an effective video coach.

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Effective Learner Behaviours

Video examples and CPD resources to help you develop more independent, self-regulating and reflective learners.

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Watch other teachers teach

For £50 you can get 1 year’s access for you and all your staff to 10 lesson observations covering a variety of subjects from year 1 to year 6.

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TL Essentials

Assessment for Learning

T&L Essentials equips you with the tools you need to develop core teaching skills, with a focus on AfL.

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Visible Classroom Logo

Visible Classroom

Share your lessons to receive transcripts and metrics on your teaching, plus recommended teaching strategies to improve your practice.

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