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Josh Hamblin

Assistant Head of Learning

Josh Hamblin


Josh has over a decade of experience working in special schools. He has held roles that range from Teaching Assistant through to Senior Leadership. This means he understands the nuances of school life and is able to provide practical guidance for all.

Josh has taught in a number of areas, but predominantly in schools that cater for young people with severe learning difficulties. His experience includes ASD, PMLD and Post 16 provision. Josh is passionate about helping students with additional needs go above and beyond what is expected of them.

As CPD Lead and Head of Teaching and Learning, Josh is always looking for creative ways to align current research and ideas to the world of SEND – his blogs provide examples of this. He recognises there are gaps in the system regarding the support for young people who find learning the most difficult. Josh tries to provide tangible examples that can improve the quality of education for those with additional needs. The groups he has created on our platform showcase this work.

Current roles:

  • Assistant Head of Learning
  • Head of Teaching and Learning Development
  • CPD Lead
  • Behaviour and Attitudes Lead

Previous speaking engagements:

  • UnityEd 2023 – PD Conference: Supporting students with SEN – A practical guide (Watch now)

Recent posts:

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Supporting students with SEN - A practical guide

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