Create thriving professional learning communities

Create thriving professional learning communities within your school and beyond to identify, embed and share successful teaching and learning strategies.

How to enrich your professional learning community using video:

Save time

  • Make professional learning bite-sized
  • Be flexible in how and when you collaborate with peers
  • Share video clips rather than needing time out of lessons to observe each other

Share practice

  • Share video clips of teaching and learning with individuals for feedback and discussion
  • Collaborate with groups of teachers, for example your triad, department or Lesson Study group
  • Connect with teachers in different schools to share expertise and experience

Improve dialogue

  • Focus discussions objectively on the teaching and learning
  • Contextualise feedback and discussion using video
  • Analyse specific observable behaviours

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“Staff love to see other teachers teach, but I don’t think many people have ever had the opportunity to visit other schools to share ideas. With IRIS Connect we can develop our expertise beyond Hemsworth and tap into this valuable resource.” 
Alison Liversage, Teaching & Learning Leader at Hemsworth Academy

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