Empower your instructional coaching

Effective coaching helps to embed ideas into practice like nothing else. The tools in our platform make it easy to engage in the supportive coaching you need, when you need it.

Timetable friendly video coaching

Secure sharing makes it easy to develop coaching relationships over distance that fit around your schedule. Simple, powerful tools in our platform help to contextualize feedback and generate discussion around your agreed focus.

Give and receive live feedback

Invite your coach to observe your lesson remotely using GoLive in-ear live coaching. Ask for guidance when needed and get supportive feedback during your lesson, helping you make immediate changes. Your coach can also add time-stamped comments to the video timeline for you to review later.

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Want more teachers coached? No time or staff to provide more?

IRIS Connect has partnered with EdConnective to provide schools with additional coaching capacity.
Using IRIS Connect, EdConnective provides instructional coaching for teachers when administrators don’t have the time or staff to provide as much feedback to teachers as they’d like.

They call upon a pool of master educators from across the country to reach teachers in any classroom, anywhere.

Just imagine giving your teachers access to what they need to grow, when they need it, at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time coaching staff.

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Great teaching in every classroom

EdConnective, together with IRIS Connect, are committed to providing better outcomes for learners.

Decades of research shows that teacher quality is the single most important factor in contributing towards this. Great teachers are not born, they develop their skills over time.

Utilizing IRIS Connect’s market leading professional development platform, EdConnective is able to deliver cutting edge teacher coaching in areas such as classroom management, lesson planning and student engagement.

“We help teachers move from good to great, great to outstanding”EdConnective

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Coaching Areas

Includes but not limited to:

Classroom Management

  • Behavioral reinforcement systems and strategies
  • Tiered redirections
  • Teacher presence, routines, and procedures


  • Actionable techniques
  • Lesson planning
  • Cognitively engaging students with rigorous and scaffolded activities

“As a coach, it has allowed me to be in more places at one time, helping to support more teachers in what they need. The direct benefit to me is time.”
Desiree Hall, West Hills STEM Academy


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