Here’s some questions that we are frequently asked and our answers. If there’s anything else that you’d like to know at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch or give us a call on 206 201 1998.

1. Why should I use the latest technology for lesson observations in my school?

Over the past few years, new possibilities for using technology for professional development have been developed, and video has proven to be a powerful tool for teacher reflection, observation and coaching. We have combined the latest technology with secure cloud-based storage to reduce the cost and open up the possibilities for secure, teacher driven video PD.

2. How do I record my own lesson?

The Discovery Kit has been developed with self-reflection in mind. Simply open the IRIS Connect app on the iPad and log in with your private password, follow the on-screen instructions to record the lesson. Your video will automatically upload to your private account.

If you’re using a LiveView camera, you can schedule a self-observation through our web platform; choosing the date and time that you want the observation to take place. After it’s recorded, the video is stored in your personal library either for your own personal self-reflection, or for you to share with colleagues and mentors if you should choose to.

Need more details? Check out our user guides.

3. Is it necessary for me to use the wireless microphones?

Audio is the most important aspect when recording a lesson. You want to be able to hear everything that’s going on in your classroom; keeping up-to-date with audio technology is key, so our microphones use the best available wireless technology. Wearing the wireless microphone will allow all audio between you and your students to be clearly recorded.

4. Why should I upload my lesson observation to IRIS Connect?

Storing your observations in our secure cloud based online platform minimizes the inherent security risk of storing videos within a school. It also means that you can access your own personal library of professional development anywhere, at any time.  and securely share your recordings with colleagues should you wish to.

Besides security, the platform enables all of the key interactions that help you to go beyond simply reviewing videos. You can use tools to add contextualized feedback and gain deeper insight into your lessons and share securely with individual colleagues or groups in your school or across schools.

5. Who can see my lesson observation videos?

IRIS Connect is built around an advanced permissioning system where you – the teacher – are in control of all your videos. Each IRIS Connect user has their own unique and secure username and password.

Each video you record will be stored in your account in your personal library. No-one can access any video located in another user’s personal library.

Each user has the option to share the videos from their personal library with others, but they can revoke access at any time, and the person who they share their videos with is not able to share the videos with anyone else.

6. Why do I need to schedule observations?

So that you feel empowered and in control of your practice, IRIS Connect uses a process of scheduling observations. Ownership of the video is controlled by whoever’s practice is being recorded. During the scheduling process you must state whether you want to:

  • Set up a private reflection of your own practice
  • Invite a colleague to reflect on your practice
  • Request to reflect on a colleague’s practice

7. What are the advantages of IRIS Connect over other recording devices?

Security, scalability and flexibility are key to effective video professional development within a school environment.

Our mobile lesson observation technology and cloud-based software enables you to record lessons in any classroom, safe in the knowledge that all the recordings are private and secure.

Using mobile observation software is a more cost effective solution than a simple recording device. The IRIS Connect system isn’t limited by geographical location and enables the sharing of best practice at any time.

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