Powerful, secure video technology

Having the right tools for video-PD makes all the difference

Our integrated video technology and mobile app make recording and uploading your lessons as simple and secure as possible, while capturing all of the key teaching and learning interactions and enabling live remote teacher coaching.

Video capture is a small part of what we offer. The real power of IRIS Connect lies in the reflection, feedback and collaboration tools in our platform.

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IRIS Connect App

The IRIS Connect mobile app provides a seamless link between the hardware you already have and our leading professional learning platform.

  • Simple video capture.
  • Automatic upload to your secure IRIS Connect account.
  • Pair with any bluetooth microphone to capture high quality audio.
  • No vulnerable data left on your device.
ipad recording

The Discovery Kit

Everything you need to capture great classroom audio and video of teaching and learning.

  • Simple to use. Sets up in less than one minute!
  • Convenient carrying case enables kit to be shared by teachers throughout a school or between schools.
  • Includes two iPads with tripods to easily record two camera angles, ensuring you see all of the key interactions in your classroom.
  • Includes two iPods with attached microphones to capture high quality audio of teaching and learning.
  • All four devices use the IRIS Connect app to synchronize audio and video and automatically upload your videos to your private account for reflection and sharing.

“The Discovery Kit is really easy to use, you just click, click and you’re away.” Anna Ellis, English Teacher

iris connect discovery kit

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