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Easy access to expertise

Find resources to help deepen your knowledge of instructional strategies. See these modeled by other professionals to understand what success looks like. Share back to your community by contributing to a growing resource of model teaching and learning, all accessible via your account on the IRIS Connect professional learning platform.

intuitive tools

Intuitive tools for video reflection and feedback

Add comments and feedback to your videos and those shared with you, collect and analyze data to gain deeper insight into teaching and learning and edit sections of video to share securely.



Accessible and scalable instructional coaching

Get around busy schedules and share practice with your coach for feedback via the platform at a convenient time. You can even invite them to live-coach you via an earpiece over distance, whether they’re in the class next door or in another city.


Flexible sharing and collaboration

Create collaborative spaces and share resources and videos for just about anything. You could share lesson clips privately with your peer coach, build a bank of great practice with your department or engage with a lesson study project across your district.

remote teaching pd

Enable effective remote teaching & learning

IRIS Connect is even more than a CPD platform for traditional classroom teaching. Improve your online teaching skills, better collaborate with your colleagues over distance and enhance remote support for your students.

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Expertise you can access:



Live In-Ear Coaching

Learn about live in-ear coaching and how to be an effective live coach with expert Mike Fleetham; rapidly accelerating your practice and outcomes for learners.

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Differentiation Logo sml

Differentiation HOW2s

11 practical, step-by-step visual guides to integrating differentiation into your whole-class teaching, group work and independent work.

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Video Professional Learning Toolkit

A free resource that provides practical guidance, recommendations and tools to help educators successfully use video observations to accelerate teacher development.

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VC Logo Big (1)Visible Classroom

Share your lessons to receive transcripts and metrics on your teaching, plus recommended teaching strategies to improve learning outcomes for your students.

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Action research

The guidance you need to set up, run and evaluate action research cycles. Plus how to get colleagues on board.

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 Bereavement Support

Bereavement Support Get information and resources that will help to ensure you and your school can meet the needs of grieving families and their children.

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