National Board Coaching

Personal Video Coaching for National Board Candidates

National Board Certified teachers receive up to $10,000 a year in recognition of their excellence. But the process is challenging (40% of candidates are not successful) and recording videos of your teaching for your application is complicated. EdConnective and IRIS Connect have partnered to provide hassle-free video recording and expert coaching. It’s a small investment that will pay for itself many times over. A monthly subscription allows you to choose how much support you need.

How it works: An Overview

For $145, your monthly subscription provides you remote access to a personal coach from EdConnective. These master educators will provide feedback to improve your instruction and guide you through the National Board application process.

Your subscription also includes access to the IRIS Connect web platform. Using any iPhone, iPod, or iPad, you can record, upload, and share video of your teaching with your coach. Watching your videos online, your coach will provide you with detailed feedback. When you’re ready, you can download your videos for your National Board application portfolio.

For an additional $15 per month (plus shipping), you can rent an IRIS Connect Discovery Kit. The Discovery Kit contains a camera, microphone, tripod, and everything else you need to easily capture high quality video and audio of your instruction to the specifications of the National Board’s ePortfolio.

The Details

EdConnective Coaches

EdConnective’s coaches are highly qualified master educators selected for their exceptional ability to provide you with specific, bite-sized, actionable feedback. First, you’ll be individually matched to your instructional coach. Then you’ll film and upload a video of your instruction to the IRIS Connect platform (using your own iOS device or a rented IRIS Connect Discovery Kit). At the end of the coaching process, you can download your videos for your National Board application portfolio. There are two options for how to spend your time each month with your EdConnective Coach:

Option A – Throughout the month you’ll complete three, one-on-one, half-hour mentoring sessions with your coach. Together you’ll decide exactly how to focus your time together to prepare you for your National Board application.

Option B – Throughout the month you’ll complete one observation/feedback cycle. You’ll record and upload a video of your instruction to the IRIS Connect web platform and your coach will provide you with feedback on your teaching. During this cycle, your coach will

  • Review a video of your instruction (20 minutes)
  • Provide analysis and feedback of your instruction, using the IRIS Connect tools (40 minutes)
  • Share the details of this feedback via a phone call (30 minutes)

The IRIS Connect Technology

IRIS Connect makes recording videos for coaching and for National Board Certification Portfolios hassle-free. Your monthly subscription includes a license to the IRIS Connect web platform. Using your own Apple device and the free IRIS Connect app, you can easily record, automatically upload, and share video of your instruction with your coach on the web platform.

To ensure that you get the highest quality, hassle-free video-recording, you can also rent a Discovery Kit for an additional $15/month.

The IRIS Connect Discovery Kit includes everything you need to record your videos:

  • An iPad camera mounted on a tripod
  • An iPod used as a student microphone to capture student talk
  • A high-fidelity lapel microphone microphone to capture your teaching
  • The app automatically upload videos to the IRIS Connect web platform.
  • No assistance needed for camera operation.

The IRIS Connect Web Platform allows you to store and manage your videos.

  • Videos automatically upload to your account on the web platform.
  • Edit videos to meet time limits, remove non-consented students, remove transitions, non-instructional events, and technical difficulties (2 edits are allowed by National Board).
  • Share videos with colleagues or your EdConnective Coach to get feedback.
  • Listen to two separate audio channels (teacher and student)
  • Download your videos in the format and file size required by National Board.
  • Take time-stamped notes and annotations to assist in preparing the analysis you will submit to National Board
    • Instructional challenges
    • Learning goals / objectives
    • Opinion about overall success of lesson
    • Description of instructional materials used
    • Document where and why video edits occurred
  • Analyze videos
    • Easily review videos many times
    • Answer “video analysis questions” using our NBCT video analysis form. Select evidence from the video

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