Live In-ear Coaching with Mike Fleetham

Live remote coaching – harness the power of video

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Rapidly accelerate your practice and outcomes for learners. Learn about live in-ear coaching and how to be an effective live coach with expert Mike Fleetham.

Watch this video for a short introduction to how this group can help you:



The program consists of 8 modules, that each include coaching materials, additional resources and training video clips.

These modules are:

1.  What is live in-ear coaching?

2.  Creating a coaching contract

3.  The pre-coaching dialogue

4.  The live in-ear session

5.  The post coaching de-brief

6.  Learning to be a live in-ear coach

7.  The coach’s day

8.  Annotating a reflection

Why join this Group?

Live in-ear coaching is proven to help teachers quickly and effectively embed new teaching strategies as part of their daily practice.

Who is this for?

This is appropriate for educators who wish to develop effective live in-ear coaching skills using our LiveView video coaching technology.

Hear from a teacher who’s worked with Mike to embed live in-ear coaching:


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Live instructional coaching

Subscription: $650/ year

This subscription gives everyone with an IRIS Connect account in your organization access to the content and resources in the Live In-Ear Coaching with Mike Fleetham Group for one year.

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