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Going beyond traditional classroom teaching

Many of the 90,000 teachers around the world who use IRIS Connect for their professional development, use it to improve their classroom practice. But did you know that you can also use IRIS Connect to develop your online teaching skills?

Especially when teaching at distance, it’s important to connect your teachers wherever they are, review and refine teaching however it’s delivered, and provide distance learning PD, whenever your teachers need it.

IRIS Connect is a video-enabled professional learning solution that gives teachers the ability to record themselves during a lesson, reflect on their teaching, analyze their practice and – only if they want to – share with colleagues or leaders to encourage dialogue or seek feedback.


Easy and secure recording

While a lot of teachers use our Discovery Kit for recording their classroom practice onsite, you can also record teaching that’s being delivered online, whether you’re using an LMS or VLE. Our integrated Screen Capture lets you record any teaching directly from your screen and upload it securely into your personal, password protected account on our cloud- based platform.

Effective collaboration over distance

To make peer collaboration over distance even easier, you can add time-stamped comments to give and receive contextualized feedback or connect with each other through IRIS Connect Rooms (interactive video conferencing) directly on the platform.


Accessible collective knowledge

Should you wish to provide your staff with additional expert knowledge around distance learning or teaching methods in general, our Teacher Groups are right there with you. Access valuable resources and ready-made PD programs created for teachers, by teachers; significantly improving teaching quality and pupil learning outcomes.

By the way, video can be a great tool to support distance learning for your students too. With our integrated Student Groups feature you can quickly and easily publish video content to learners no matter what learning management system (LMS) your organization is using.

Visible progress for every teacher and every learner.

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