Research into effective professional development

Years of research shows that traditional forms of teachers professional development are ineffective at improving their practice.

To learn and embed new practices, teachers need to have the opportunities to engage with all of the components of effective adult learning; from access to theory, to feedback and coaching.

Going beyond CPD

Going beyond CPD moves the discussion from the importance of effective CPD for individual teachers (building human capital) to the importance of collaboration (building social capital).

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The first MirandaNet research paper

Professor Christina Preston, from the MirandaNet Fellowship, looked at the impact of using IRIS Connect for developing communities of practice, efficacy and collaborative CPD. This paper summarises the findings from the 1st phase of her research.

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Theoretical background

Dr. Shawn Edmonson’s research, which laid the foundations for IRIS Connect: “Investigating the Effectiveness of a Telepresence-Enabled Cognitive Apprenticeship Model of Teacher PD”.

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Best foot forward project

Inside this toolkit you’ll find practical guidance for education practitioners on using video observations to help teachers accelerate their development.

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