Westfields Junior School

Accelerating progress and closing the gap

Westfields Junior School are an outstanding school, renowned for inclusion and recent winners of the NAACE Impact Inclusion Award. They are using IRIS Connect’s lesson observation technology to inform their use of the Sutton Trust Toolkit strategies. A one-year intervention programme informed by IRIS Connect observations, resulted in disadvantaged pupils making unprecedented progress and narrowing the gap between pupils eligible for Pupil Premium and those not eligible, in one year-group.

IRIS Connect has enabled us to accelerate the impact of already powerful learning interventions and has resulted in unprecedented progress for our previously ‘stuck and stalled’ learners.

Debbie Jones, Inclusion Manager

Impact of the IRIS Connect informed interventions:

  • Whilst the number of SEN students entering Westfields is growing, the overall number of students on their SEN register is falling as a result of targeted analysis and personalised learning interventions.
  • In one year-group, children eligible for Pupil Premium made greater average progress in Writing and Maths and the same average progress in Reading as those not eligible.
  • Students who had persistently failed to make progress are now seeing significant improvements in progress, as well as confidence, self-esteem and engagement in class.
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