Pates Grammar School

Developing professional learning conversations

Pates Grammar School, designated in the second cohort of teaching schools, uses IRIS Connect to enhance the effectiveness of their CPD, develop learning conversations and embed peer observation into everyday practice.

Assistant Headteacher, Russell Bowen, and the senior leadership team at Pates recognised that the perception of CPD as just “going on a course” was something that needed to change. In their drive to continually improve teaching and learning they wanted to go beyond traditional CPD, listen to the research and do what works.

Hear about Russell’s vision for inter-school collaboration:

As Russell says:

Learning is doing, not just sitting and receiving pearls of wisdom. What we think of children’s learning should also apply to teachers learning.

Within this case study you will find more on:

  • Developing an open culture for staff to experiment
  • Identifying excellent teaching practice
  • Developing effective learning conversations
  • Alternative uses for using IRIS Connect
  • Collaborating with local schools
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