Oak Hill Academy

Embedding a sustainable coaching culture

After a visit from Ofsted, Oak Hill Academy introduced IRIS Connect to staff in a bid to improve teaching and learning. By 2012 the school had successfully embedded it as part of their professional development programme and were looking for the next way in which they could continue to improve the quality of their teaching and learning.

Headteacher, Mandy Lancy, and her teachers began a programme of remote coaching with the help of independent Education Consultant, Mike Fleetham, with the aim of building a sustainable coaching culture within the school.

The work that Mike has done with the teachers has been fantastic. They’ve all developed not just their teaching skills and confidence, but also their approach to using IRIS Connect. They are more open to being coached and overall it’s been a really positive experience.

Mandy Lancy, Headteacher, Oak Hill Academy

Within the case study you will find more on:

  • How to build a sustainable coaching culture
  • The rapid impact that in-ear coaching with IRIS Connect can have on teachers practice
  • How schools can use IRIS Connect to support teachers with behaviour management


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