Brislington Enterprise College

Refining a real time coaching model

Teachers involved in the Brislington Enterprise College coaching programme were finding it difficult to discuss practice and pedagogy without physical evidence from lesson observations.

To overcome these challenges and encourage more discussion focused on teaching and learning, they have embraced IRIS Connect’s video technology and web platform.

They have refined their existing coaching model; are using IRIS Connect’s unique in-ear coaching facility to improve feedback; and are building a library of shared teaching and learning videos for all colleagues to benefit from.

IRIS Connect has allowed teachers to observe good strong practitioners and be able to see the detail of different teaching methods, because you can pause, rewind and analyse. It’s also allowed us to create objective records of what people do to support our coaching.

Ruth Taylor, Vice Principal

Impact on the BEC:

  • Enhancing the effectiveness of coaching
  • Improving coaching and mentoring relationships
  • Evidencing progress
  • Sharing of practice between colleagues
  • Building a library of best practice

Get started – it’s FREE!

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✓  Use coaching & collaboration tools

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