Balby Carr Community Academy

Embedding video for supportive CPD

Balby Carr Community Academy has a vision to provide the best possible education for all students and the wider community and ensures that there are many opportunities for pupils to succeed in all areas of college life. They place a great emphasis on learning and teaching development in a drive to constantly improve the outcomes of their students.

Within this case study you will find more on:

  • Encouraging purposeful self-reflection
  • Supporting Newly Qualified Teachers
  • Building libraries of shared practice

The purpose of IRIS Connect constantly evolves and changes; the school runs IRIS Connect department weeks, NQT focus tasks and triangular learning teams – the system is fully embedded within the school and grows and changes as they need it to.


IRIS Connect provides fresh wind in our sails as we move our teaching to Good and Outstanding. It keeps us fully focused on what actually makes a difference: high quality teaching from valued and confident teachers. It provides one of the keys to the ‘art of teaching’ – the opportunity to share best practice and not be afraid to make mistakes and take risks.

Martin Craig, Headteacher


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