The Impact

Increasing the impact of video-based professional learning  

Since IRIS Connect emerged out of a University research project in 2007, we have maintained a relentless focus on making all of the professional learning opportunities proven to have an impact on teaching and learning accessible, scalable and sustainable.

We’ve learned that there are some key ingredients to ensuring the success of video-based professional learning and have developed our approach with these in mind…


Going beyond simple video capture

Research shows that effective personalised professional learning requires access to theory, models, the opportunity to practice, reflect, seek feedback and coaching. Our platform gives access to all of these, whenever you need them.


Implementation and change support 

Video is just a tool we use, IRIS Connect is about helping you change your approach to training and professional development to see a great return on your investment. Our Teaching is Learning Program is key to this.


Teacher security & permission

Trust is essential. Teachers need to know that their videos are secure and private, unless they choose to share them with others. This is why our video technology takes care of the automatic upload to personal accounts, ensuring no sensitive data is left on iPads or laptops.

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