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Here’s how to get started: Self-reflection



Practice alone does NOT make perfect. To be effective, practice must be purposeful and deliberate. That’s self-reflection: an ongoing process in which you try new things, assess the impact, adjust your practice, and then try again.


The IRIS Connect app allows you to easily record your teaching on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone. Your videos are automatically uploaded to your private account on our web platform. On our web platform, you can objectively review your teaching and identify the specific areas you want to improve.




Use our analysis tools to collect data to measure your progress.




Revisit your lessons to identify new focus areas and draw comparisons over time.




We provide everything you need: the app, access to our web platform, and a guide that walks you through the self-reflection process.


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Film Club brings professional learning to life. There are five Film Club Episodes focused on instructional practices that have the greatest impact on student learning: classroom talk, questioning, group talk, feedback, and growth mindsets. Each episode includes clips from elementary and high school classrooms from around the world. We supply video clips, resources, and discussion questions. Work alone or with colleagues to watch, discuss, and learn. Based on years of research and informed by feedback from thousands of schools, Film Club makes PD fun, time efficient, and impactful.


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