Earn Graduate-Level University Credit using IRIS Connect

Only $62 per credit for salary advancement and recertification!

IRIS Connect and the University of the Pacific / University College have partnered to provide educators with graduate-level university semester credits for video-based professional learning activities. These credits can be used for salary advancement or recertification and may also be transferable to your graduate-degree program.

The University of the Pacific is a private, not-for-profit, and the oldest university in California (founded in 1851). They are fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and have helped educators nationwide increase their salary and recertify their credentials for over 25 years.
Here’s how it works:

  • Teachers purchase a one-year IRIS Connect Premium license for $100. Current IRIS Connect users can also participate.
  • Teachers register with the University and pay for their credits. Each graduate-level credit is only $62!
  • There’s no limit to how many credits you can earn. Credits can be earned concurrently.
  • Each credit requires 15 hours of professional development activity, outside of paid, professional hours.
  • Teachers choose their own professional development activities on the IRIS Connect platform. Examples include: video self-reflection, using video to collaborate with colleagues, video coaching, or participation in our Film Club series.
  • Teachers submit a time-log of their activities and a three-page narrative report (per credit) demonstrating the professional application of the activities, strategies, or techniques developed while using IRIS Connect.
  • Within 4-6 weeks, submitted reports receive a letter grade on an unofficial transcript from the University of the Pacific.
  • Some school districts may require pre-approval prior to enrollment. It is your responsibility to know your district’s policies.

What activities can you get credit for?

Teachers self-design their own professional learning program using IRIS Connect or they can participate in our ready-to-go Film Club programs. You only need to demonstrate how your professional learning meets your professional needs. The professional work that you document may be derived from different topics and subjects. For example, you can document two hours of creating an english or math rubric, one hour of brainstorming and researching strategies for new history curriculum, one hour implementing and video recording the new curriculum, one hour reviewing the video, and three hours participating in Film Club. Creativity in designing your PD program is encouraged. Below are some examples of the activities you can participate on IRIS Connect to receive credits.

The IRIS Connect app allows you to easily record your teaching on your mobile device. Your videos are automatically uploaded to your private account on our web platform where you can objectively review your teaching and identify the specific areas you want to improve. Use our analysis tools to collect data to measure your progress. Revisit your lessons to identify new focus areas and draw comparisons over time.
IRIS Connect empowers teachers to collaborate with their colleagues and makes coaching more effective and efficient. Share your videos with colleagues and coaches so they can provide you with detailed feedback and analysis about your teaching practice.
Gain access to Film Club, our unique PD program. Harnessing the power of video, this ready-made professional learning program helps you to develop self-regulating and independent learners in your classrooms. Based on years of research and informed by feedback from thousands of schools, Film Club helps staff to analyze and discuss teaching and learning more effectively, success in fully developing a culture of openness and trust. Explore five free episodes focused on dialogue, questioning, student group talk, feedback and growth mindset.

Earn Graduate-Level University Credit for Induction Training

Beginning teachers and support providers/mentors can also receive graduate-level semester credits while using IRIS Connect. Here’s how it works:

  • Teachers purchase a one-year IRIS Connect Premium license for $100. Current IRIS Connect users can also participate.
  • Each graduate-level credit is only $50 per semester credit.
  • Beginning teachers and support provider/mentors can earn 8 credits for every year that they participate in teacher induction training.
  • Each semester you complete is eligible to receive 4 graduate-level credits for $200. For example:
    • Year 1
      • Semester one: 4 Graduate-Level Semester Credits
      • Semester two: 4 Graduate-Level Semester Credits
    • Year 2
      • Semester three: 4 Graduate-Level Semester Credits
      • Semester four: 4 Graduate-Level Semester Credits
  • For only $800, you may earn 16 Graduate-Level Semester Credits for participating in 2 years of your Teacher Induction Training!
  • Participants must submit a copy of Certificate of Completion or letter issued by your District, Program Administrator or School Principal.
  • Within 4-6 weeks, participants receive an unofficial transcript with a Passing Grade “P” from the University of the Pacific.


If you have questions or would like more information about earning graduate-level credits email us at [email protected]

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