Conformity of the Equipment is attested by the CE mark for the following standards:

  • E TSI EN 301 406 V 1.4.1 03/2001
  • E TSI EN 301 489-6 V1.2.1 (2002-04)
  • EN 609 50 – 1
  • EN 560 22 – 1998 + A1
  • EN 550 24 – 1998 +A1 + A2
  • WEEE Directive (2002/96/EC)

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 (S.I. No. 3289) were laid before parliament in December 2006. IRIS Connect Limited has registered with a UK compliance scheme in order to discharge its obligations as a producer in the UK which arises as a result of its importing and producing EEE products into the UK.

IRIS Connect Ltd EEE producer registration number is WEE/AA1796TU. However, please be aware that IRIS Connect Ltd EEE producer registration will only provide compliance for EEE products purchased via IRIS Connect Ltd in the UK and which remain in the UK. Any person who is responsible for importing any IRIS Connect Ltd products into any EU member state (or other country) will have to ensure that they comply with any WEEE or other laws applicable in their country.

The crossed out wheelie bin symbol indicates that the equipment carrying this mark must NOT be thrown into general waste but should be collected separately and properly processed under local regulations.

IRIS Connect LTD provide a return scheme to enable this correct disposal, call 01273 783 920 for details.

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