Broadford Primary School: Using Video for Teacher PD

Using Video for Teacher PD Makes a Huge Impact 

The Challenge

The UK’s official body for inspecting schools, Ofsted, deemed Broadford Primary School as having serious weaknesses in 2010. Educating some of the most deprived children in London, England, they wanted to waste no time in raising their standards and improving their teaching.

The Solution

The school was more than willing to try a new approach to improvement. Headteacher, Malcolm Drakes, thought IRIS Connect, using video for teacher PD, seemed a simple solution to addressing the problems that the school was facing and they adopted the system in 2011.

The Impact

Within two years, the school had embarked upon a remarkable journey and are now judged as an outstanding school by Ofsted. The IRIS Connect system has helped the school’s PD in a number of ways; they have seen improvements in their teaching practice and standards, as well as noticing that feedback and discussions have become more frequent and more successfully implemented. Teachers are also encouraged to set their own goals and targets in order to recognise what they need to do to improve their practice.

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