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Sharing Practice

Build the collective capacity in your school and streamline school-wide professional development

Set everyone in your school up for success with our all-in-one video professional learning platform. Provide teachers and leaders with the tools they need to achieve their teaching and learning goals and drive whole-school improvement.


Make meaningful collaboration a reality

Make meaningful collaboration a reality

Overcome the barriers to providing in-house professional development by sharing classroom practice, using our collaborative tools to support professional learning communities. Teachers can share with individuals, mentors, year groups, action research teams or the whole-school, helping you to release knowledge and create a                                                       shared vision for teaching and learning.


save money

Save money and see real value

Schools regularly using IRIS Connect save on average £12,247 per year and 64% improve by at least one Ofsted grade per inspection cycle. Utilise the versatility of video to save on your lesson cover costs for coaching and observations and engage with effective, in-house CPD programmes via our platform.


cultivate a culture based on trust

Cultivate a culture based on trust

The IRIS Connect platform allows teachers to record and share classroom practice in a safe, developmental environment in which they are in control. This teacher-led approach helps you develop a culture in which teachers are confident, trusted and motivated drivers of whole-school improvement.


access, curate and share valuable content

Access, curate and share valuable content

Use the tools in our platform to video lessons, collect resources and share valuable content that will improve classroom practice. To get you started we have a number of teaching and learning resources on a range of topics supplied by education professionals and experts.


“I don’t personally feel that at the moment there is another tool as effective or that gives you as much return on investment as IRIS Connect does.  

It’s a truly powerful tool for professional learning.”

Paul Collin, St Augustine Academy

Enable meaningful sharing and collaboration: