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“Schools and universities deserve a video conferencing solution that’s made for education. A solution that provides them with the technical capabilities they need during these challenging times. Not something that’s recycled from the corporate world!”

– Andy Newell, Managing Director, IRIS Connect

Easily accessible

All you need in order to access Rooms is a browser window. No downloading and installing of software, and no additional plugins.
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Fully equipped


Of course every good video conferencing software needs a screen sharing option. But we go one step further.


Instead of simply screen sharing a presentation, you can upload it directly into the web conference and enable multi-user whiteboard features for annotations directly on the slides. Use a blank slide or squared paper to brainstorm and visualise ideas.

Breakout Rooms

Split your students into separate groups to work on individual tasks in their own breakout rooms. Set a time limit after which everyone will be automatically brought back to the main room or end the breakout rooms at any time at your discretion. You can also use this feature to have one-to-one conversations and team meetings.


Shared Notes

Public and private chat options are pretty standard, so we’ve got you covered there. However, in Rooms you also have the possibility to use shared notes with the option of creating bullet-point lists and then downloading these notes afterwards. You can even share them via email.

Full presenter control

When you​ aren’t physically in the same room with ​students, it can be difficult to know what they’re doing. That’s why we give you full control over what they see and which features they can use. Decide if they’re able to see each others’ webcams, send chat messages or edit shared notes. Mute or enable your ​student microphones and ​even ​give your teaching assistant moderator rights, so you can fully focus on the lesson.


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Going beyond live conferencing

Rooms is a great space for synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning. It comes with an integrated recording feature that enables you to use your web conference even after the live event is over.

Typically you’d need to download recordings and then struggle with finding ways to share it with students and colleagues due to the file size and data protection regulations. That’s a thing of the past! With Rooms your recordings are available directly in the IRIS Connect platform and can be shared at the click of a button, for example with a student who couldn’t manage to join live. Add additional files and highlight certain parts of the recording through time-stamped comments or engage in contextualised asynchronous conversations.

Tip: This is also a great tool for effective teacher CPD. Reflect on your lesson, identify areas of improvement and share with colleagues to showcase examples of good practice or ask for feedback.

Your students data doesn’t leave the room

At IRIS Connect we have over a decade of successfully managing over 250,000 hours of classroom video footage with the highest standards of security and full GDPR compliance.

When purchasing Rooms for your school, you’ll get your own dedicated server. There’s no shared storage space, so your data definitely doesn’t leave the room.


A video conferencing solution built for educators,
by educators.

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