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“Through IRIS Connect, the teaching and learning strategy takes on a life of its own, it becomes something that we’re all talking about and doing, it becomes a part of our culture, not just professional learning.”

– Anna, Sir Thomas Wharton Academy

Video professional development

A powerfully simple solution for a complex problem

The research is clear: high-quality Teacher PD matters. At first glance, it seems straightforward: set clear objectives, establish a structured program, and prioritise. However, every teacher is different and brings a variety of skills and expertise to the table. Consequently, a ‘one size fits all’ strategy that doesn’t cater to the specific domain knowledge and needs of each teacher can impede growth and undermine adaptive expertise.

It’s vital to meet teachers where they are, build a shared vision of where practice could be, and offer an impactful and adaptable path to get there. Previously, personalised learning at scale was challenging due to time, complexity, and budget constraints. IRIS Connect’s video tools and adaptive pathways offer a way forward.

Think of IRIS Connect as a navigation system guiding each teacher’s development:

  • Our video technology works like a GPS, allowing teachers to deconstruct and discuss the learning dynamics in their own classrooms, helping them start their development journey from where they are.
  • Our expert-curated resources and collaborative workspaces help teachers to identify and understand their destinations.
  • Our adaptive pathways provide teachers with step-by-step guidance as they grow through reflection, collaboration, or instructional coaching.

Video observation tools

Start where you are

IRIS Connect’s video observation tools provide unparalleled insights into classroom dynamics. Our industry-leading technology allows educators to explore teaching practices from fresh perspectives, uncovering nuances that may ordinarily go unnoticed.

Educators effortlessly and securely record lessons, utilizing multiple viewpoints and audio sources to spotlight pivotal moments and reflect
on practices through the lens of developmental rubrics.

Sharing videos with peers or coaches enriches professional dialogue and paves the way for tailored development opportunities that
really matter.

Teaching Theory & Research

Choose a destination

The integration of theory and research fosters a deep understanding of vital teaching strategies, readily accessible through concise learning modules on our platform. These modules are enriched with insights from domain experts and feature video demonstrations by experienced teachers implementing strategies across varied contexts.

Our platform also facilitates the creation of your own subject-specific learning resources, enabling you to develop a robust library of practice with videos that reflect the unique context of your school.

New: WalksThrus subscribers can access WalkThrus straight from their IRIS Connect platform. Find out more.

Adaptive Instructional Coaching, Reflection & Collaboration

Select your route

Pathways bridge the gap between theory and practice, providing teachers with evidence-informed frameworks to successfully develop, adapt, and embed new skills in a way that’s suitable for their individual contexts and levels of experience.

  • Reflection pathways guide teachers through a process of recording their lessons, reflecting on what they see, and refining their technique over time.
  • Instructional coaching pathways are mapped to the development needs of each teacher. Every pathway provides a secure space for teachers and coaches to work together, eliminating time and location barriers and enabling instruction within and between schools.
  • Collaborative pathways allow staff to tap into the collective expertise of their team, share good teaching practice, and work together to improve learning outcomes.

Clear action steps

Follow step-by-step instructions

Regardless of which pathway a teacher chooses to follow, their learning experience will be driven by an adaptive series of interactions that have been shown to promote sustainable developments in classroom practice*.

With each pathway automatically recording progress, teachers can easily pick up where they left off and receive a lasting record of skill development over time.

*EEF report: ‘Effective Professional Development’, 2021

Admin Dashboard

See progress

Every teacher’s classroom videos are private and can only be viewed if they decide to share them.

Since everyone is on a different journey, it’s important for leaders to keep track of where each person is at any time. This way, they can offer extra help where and when it’s needed, helping everyone reach their goals.

A simple dashboard helps you stay up-to-date with your teachers’ progress, showing important steps on their individual pathways.

Customised Learning Experience

Make it your own

Getting started is easy with our ready-to-use resources included in every subscription. If you’d like, we can tailor these resources to fit your school’s specific needs.

We can help you create custom learning experiences, organising all your different PD activities linked to your school’s own culture, processes, and objectives.

Make IRIS Connect your Hub for everything PD in your school or trust, and keep track of all your professional development activities.

Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable consultants to talk about your PD needs and start planning your implementation together.

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