Student Learning

Share with students on IRIS Connect

Better support your students and enhance their learning by sharing videos and resources in a safe and secure environment. Student Groups make flipped learning, and the sharing of materials quick and easy.

You’ve asked us whether IRIS Connect can be used to share videos and resources with your students, and now it can!

Student licences and groups are flexible, secure and easy-to-use.

Access to resources iconGive your students access to the resources they need

Create tailor made spaces for each of your classes, whole year groups or different subjects and invite students to join
those relevant to them.

Record and share lesson clipsRecord and share content

Film your content using the Discovery Kit or IRIS Connect App and edit and share clips from lessons you’ve already recorded onsite or online.

Embed videos from youtube and vimeoEmbed videos from YouTube and Vimeo

Make the most of the resources and videos available online; simply copy the URL to embed videos into your Student Groups to keep everything in one place.

Add learning resourcesAdd learning resources

Include materials, worksheets and activities in the group for your students to access and use, whether it’s for remote teaching, a flipped learning resource or part of a revision tool.


Coming soon – The National Lesson Bank

Access previously recorded lessons that have been voluntarily submitted by IRIS Connect users to share with your students.

* Student Licences are only available to schools with a full IRIS Connect licence.

Find out how you can get one.

Contact us to get access to Student Groups