Flexible sharing and cost effective collaboration

Permission-based sharing with individuals or groups makes teacher collaboration cost-effective, easy and secure. Our platform opens doors within and between organisations, making sharing teaching and learning with peers, coaches and mentors quick and easy.

✓   Share practice privately with peers

✓   Collaborate with your professional learning community

✓   Build banks of model teaching and learning videos

✓   Collaborate over distance with your network

The IRIS Connect platform has enabled peer-coaching between teachers of the same year groups across the two schools, which are 80 miles apart” – Rachel Tizard, Director of Learning at The Kemnal Academies Trust

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Share practice privately

Easily share video clips with peers to model good practice and spread ideas, generate discussion or gain contextualised feedback on teaching and learning. Changed your mind? Make your video private again with one click.

Communities of Practice

Build and scale professional learning communities

Create collaborative Groups in IRIS Connect for just about anything. Share lesson clips and resources privately within a trio, build a bank of shared practice with your department or engage with a lesson study project across multiple schools.

Build and scale professional learning communities

Bring your network under one roof

Use Groups to create a common vision of teaching and learning excellence across an academy trust, provide easy access to teaching school resources or simply connect a group of school leaders in one accessible, secure place.

Bring your network under one roof

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