Intuitive tools for video observation, reflection and feedback

Our platform provides you with tools to reflect more effectively and provide others with richer feedback on teaching and learning.

✓   Time-stamped comments

✓  Analysis tools

✓   Editing

✓   Sharing

There is no other tool as effective or that gives you as much return on investment as IRIS Connect does. It’s a truly powerful tool for professional learning.” – Paul Collins, Lead Practitioner at St Augustine Academy

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Add time-stamped comments

Review a video and add timestamped comments to key moments, for your own reference or to earmark for later discussion and feedback on teaching and learning from others.  


Analyse teaching and learning using forms

Create and customise forms to collect data and measure the impact of your strategies on the teaching and learning in your classroom. Use our ready-made forms or make your own with counters, timers, multiple choice and rating scale questions to improve feedback.


Edit video clips and create showreels

Use our Editing tool to share short segments of videos with others or to collate sections of different videos and create a showreel of key moments.


Share video clips privately with individuals or groups

All your videos are uploaded to your private account. If you wish, you can choose to share them securely over distance and without the time and cost constraints of lesson cover and travel.


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