Going beyond traditional classroom teaching

IRIS Connect is a video-enabled professional learning solution that gives teachers the ability to record themselves during a lesson and upload the video securely into their personal, password protected account on our cloud-based platform. From there your teachers can reflect on their teaching, analyse their practice, add time-stamped comments, edit their videos and – only if they want to – share with colleagues or leaders to encourage dialogue or seek feedback.

Through our Groups feature, your teachers also get access to valuable resources created for teachers, by teachers; significantly increasing their teaching quality and their pupil learning outcomes.

Visible progress for every teacher and every learner.


Many of the 85,000 teachers around the world who use IRIS Connect for their professional development, use it to improve their classroom practice. (Find out more). But did you know that you can also use IRIS Connect to develop your online teaching skills?


Instead of using the Discovery Kit in your classroom, you could use the IRIS Connect App with integrated screen capture software to record your remote teaching of a lesson.


Once you’re done, sign in to your private account on the platform, upload the recorded video and reflect, share and collaborate as you would with any usual classroom recording.

Develop effective online teaching

If you and your colleagues are new to online teaching, this could be a great way to learn from each other, share good practice and collectively develop effective teaching and learning at a distance.

Besides recording and reflecting on your own online teaching practice, you can also use our platform to capture annotated “how to” videos and share them with all staff, enable coaching over distance, equip your team to support each other and develop libraries of practice aligned with effective online instruction.

Whether they are working onsite or from home, you can support your staff more effectively in a variety of ways. We now offer:


Integrated video conferencing to enable teachers to connect with each other and collaborate over distance


A range of informative resources aligned with supporting the online transition


A series of webinars for teachers and school leaders to connect and discuss their challenges

Video can be a great tool to support distance learning for your students too. We’re currently working to mobilise 200,000 IRIS Connect lesson videos as an instructional resource, plus our Student Groups feature enables video content to be quickly and easily published to learners no matter what learning management system (LMS) your organisation is using. This is available free of charge to all IRIS Connect customers.

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