Visible Classroom

Share lessons with Visible Classroom to receive transcripts and important metrics on your teaching and get answers to key questions like:

  • Did you allow enough time for your students to participate in their own learning?
  • Did you speak too quickly?
  • How many questions did you ask?

“I’d give the feedback I got from Visible Classroom 9 out of 10. It was really thorough and useful, and the fact that it came from experts made it that bit more valuable too. I liked being able to see how I measure up against my own cohort as well. It’s helped to confirm the things that I do well and given me more focus and confidence moving forwards.”

– Natalie Wallace, Year 4 Class Teacher, Westfields Junior

How does it work?

Once you have shared 5 lessons, world-leading education experts from the University of Melbourne review and analyse your lessons using a specifically-developed rubric drawing on a range of research and quality teaching rubrics from Professor John Hattie (read his thoughts on the impact of micro teaching here).

You then receive a feedback report with a summary of their observations and recommended teaching strategies to improve learning outcomes for your students.

Designed for teachers at all levels of their careers, you will receive feedback on whether you:

  • Facilitate classroom engagement and participation
  • Promote critical understanding and thinking
  • Engage in deep teaching with your students
  • Encourage free speech and risk taking
  • Provide meaningful feedback
  • Articulate learning goals and lesson objectives
  • Ask open and closed questions
  • Speak too quickly or too slowly

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Visible Classroom is free to join, however each hour lesson costs £100 to be analysed.

Once a teacher has submitted 5 hours of lessons, there is then an option to pay an additional £100 to receive the University of Melbourne analysis.

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