The Video Professional Learning Toolkit

Get practical guidance for successful video observation

The Video Professional Learning Toolkit is a free resource that provides practical guidance, recommendations and tools to help educators successfully use video observations to accelerate teacher development. It aims to provide a springboard from which you can successfully launch video observation in your school.

The toolkit is designed to be collaborative and dynamic. Each section includes guiding questions, lessons learned, and recommendations for successful implementation.

The sections also involve a discussion of important lessons from Harvard’s Best Foot Forward and Washington STEM’s STEM-PD projects; two studies about using video for classroom observations.


What’s covered in the toolkit?

Leveraging Video for Learning: Strategies for Using Video Observations for Professional Growth

How can you employ video for teacher development? In this section, you’ll find multiple models for using video, including self-reflection, peer collaboration, asynchronous coaching, remote real-time coaching, and evaluation. You can also access research findings that demonstrate the promise of video technology to aid teacher innovation.

Cultivating Trust in Video Observations: Considerations for Teacher and Student Privacy

Strong public urgency exists around protecting the privacy of teachers and students. This section provides a collection of resources to help institute appropriate policies and procedures, communicate with parents, and protect those who are willing to use video to make a difference in classroom instruction.

The IRIS Connect Technology: How It All Works

Recommendations for Setting up Schools for Effective Technology Implementation. The IRIS Connect tools were specifically designed to enable the professional learning experiences described in this toolkit. Learn best practices for training and preparation and dig into a comprehensive overview and training resources on the IRIS Connect technology.

Measuring Readiness and Success: A Guide to Piloting and Large-Scale Implementation

Is your school, state, or district ready for successful implementation? This section includes tools to gauge readiness and measure successful implementation.

To note:

A majority of the content provided in this toolkit is a product of the Best Foot Forward Project, made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International License.

For redistribution, the information has been remixed, transformed, and built upon by educators from Washington STEM, IRIS Connect, and Instructional Coach, Mike Fleetham. This does not imply an endorsement by any of these organisations or individuals of the content of the toolkit or its contributors.


Video CPD Toolkit with Washington STEM

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