Video Coaching and Mentoring with Mike Fleetham

Video coaching and mentoring is a proven technique to help teachers quickly and effectively embed new teaching strategies into their daily practice. Expert ILM accredited coach, Mike Fleetham, has made his coaching materials, resources and training videos available in IRIS Connect to help you become an effective video coach.

This is ideal for teachers and leaders in any school who want to make the most of their investment in Discovery, GoLive and  LiveView coaching technology. Grow your coaches and develop a sustainable in-school coaching provision. It includes everything that you need to design, implement and maintain a highly effective programme of professional learning.

The 5 packed modules are:

  • Getting Started –  explaining the group’s approach to learning and training.
  • Overview and Background Materials – telling you all about video coaching, how it works, what to expect and how to get the most from it.
  • Whole School Resources – ideas for designing a coaching programme and everything you need to know about ‘contracting’, trust and impact.
  • Coach Training Materials – introducing ‘Rubrics’ which are progressions of skills that show you how to move from Emerging to Developing and on to Embedded standard video coaching.
  • Finally, Coach Resources are included to help you plan, deliver and debrief your coaching sessions and to develop your own coaching expertise.



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