Behaviour Management with John Bayley

This programme will be particularly useful for teachers and other school staff at the beginning of their career and for in school staff trainers. It will also be a good reminder for those wanting to remind themselves of core behaviour management strategies, or when dealing with a difficult situation. Schools will also find it useful when conducting top-up training and behaviour reviews.

The programme includes 7 modules of theory, strategies, workbooks and video clips.

The 7 modules are:

  • Theories of behaviour management– a description of behaviourist, cognitive and humanist approaches to behaviour management
  • Assertiveness– develop a more engaging and focussed classroom presence
  • The behaviour policy and plan– use a behaviour plan so that you and your learners are confident about your classroom expectations
  • Routines– understand how routines can help influence classroom behaviour
  • Managing emotions– learn how to manage your own emotions and how to defuse anger and tension
  • Building relationships– take deliberate steps to building positive relationships and use meetings to reach better understandings with students, parents and carers
  • Putting the plan into action– put all the techniques you have learned into the context of teaching a lesson




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