Outside of education

Reduce training costs & drive increased performance with iConnect

iConnect is our sister company, working to improve professional development for corporate and healthcare organisations.

With iConnect you can do all the things that you can with IRIS Connect, such as record skills and expertise, analyse performance, provide feedback and enable social learning across your organisation.


For business

Improve and accelerate onboarding

Provide standardised and personalised training

Streamline and quality assure train the trainer

Provide video coaching and contextualised feedback

Open up opportunities for informal, social learning

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For healthcare

Provide feedback on patient consultations

Record and analyse medical simulations

Share videos for expert diagnosis, advice and instruction

Provide video coaching and contextualised feedback

 Allow collaboration between clinicians from any location

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“iConnect means that as a team we can provide more peer support, mentoring and coaching without it impacting our day to day work. We’ve all improved as a result.” 
Lauren Trigwell, Senior BDM, Accordance VAT