Whole Education – A new partner

Whole Education. A New Partner

IRIS Connect, now a partner to Whole Education, is excited to deliwhole education iris connectver and support new and innovative ways to enhance CPD practices by fusing adult learning methodologies, mobile camera technology, data collection tools and a secure online teacher learning community to enable individuals and schools to deliver excellence in a cost effective and scalable model.

Whole Education:

Energising  education by enabling young people to access a well-rounded curriculum which is real, relevant and realistic has been recognized as a key challenge for practitioners and policy makers. Whole Education, with its partners,  provides a focus for both practical action and promoting policy development.  Whole Education is in a position to provide  leadership, support and coordination for those striving to accelerate transformation in learning.

Forthcoming Events:

Whose Curriculum is it Anyway?

With the increasing freedoms available to schools, discover new and innovative ways your school can get involved in providing outstanding teaching and learning by attending these series of one day events -‘Whose Curriculum is it Anyway’? This is an excellent opportunity to network with peers, access curriculum resources and address and identify experiential learning for CPD.

Each event will provide breakout sessions led by practitioners. These will allow you to discover, develop and share  how and why schools are collaborating and developing  strategies and resources to address key challenges. Issues will include: how to make the best of the new freedoms in the curriculum; making learning relevant and engaging for young people; using technology effectively; what works in professional development. All this will be within the context of engaging the wider community and developing collaboration and communities of practice.

IRIS Connect partners’ schools to transform teaching – Breakout Session

These sessions will explore and analyse how schools have used IRIS Connect technology to further improve the quality of teaching. Sally Turner, Deputy Head Teacher from Loxford School of Science and Technology, will be reflecting upon how Loxford an ‘outstanding’ school has utilised IRIS Connect a social video platform incorporating lesson observation technology has been key to developing teachers skills and raising standards.

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